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Google Plus Basics – Just Plus It

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Your Facebook and Twitter pages are up and running, and you’re just now getting involved with Instagram and analyzing whether Pinterest is for you. But what about Google Plus (Google+)? Nobody uses Google+… or do they? In an article by, Google is far from losing the War over Social. If you have a few minutes, set one up and follow these instructions, you might just be amazed to see how to improve search engine optimization with Google+.

Google Plus Basics


1. Optimizations: The Basic Layout. Use your business name as the page name, don’t try to overthink it, keep it straightforward. Create a custom page URL, it makes it look cleaner. (Set your custom Google+ page or profile URL: Go to your page or profile and click About –> Scroll down to the Links box –> You’ll see your existing Google+ page URL –> Click on the link and Google+ asks you if you want to convert to a new custom Google+ page URL.) Be sure to link to all your other social media pages.

2. Claim your location(s). Complete your Google Local page and be sure all the information is correct. This way when someone searches for you, they will easily see your locations, hour, and reviews.

3. Content. Content. Content. Before you start sharing content, be sure you’ve setup Google+ Authorship. Then, just as you optimized your page, you want to be sure to format your posts properly. Include a title, summary, short link and hashtags. The Anatomy of a Perfect Google Post.

4. Tracking. Just as you would with any marketing campaign, tracking your content will help you determine SEO improvements and rankings. Use Google URL Builder for tracking links based on campaign & medium then easily track and analyze them thru Google Analytics. Both tools are provided by Google for FREE.


Other than time, all of these steps are free SEO services or SEO tools. Make the effort, optimize, share and track your progress. You might just be surprised to see how these Google Plus basics and SEO tips have improved your search engine rankings.

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