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Growing your Small Business on Social Media

By: Jennifer Mirabal

Social Media Best Practices For Your Business

Social media has benefited so many companies throughout the past 8 years. Social media, throughout the years has changed the world tremendously. People use it to connect with one another, but also, businesses are now using it their advantage. Small business especially is benefiting from the popularly of the rise of social media. Using social media can assist small businesses expand their business by reaching a larger target audience. You may be asking yourself, “How can I grow my business using social media?”. Continue reading to find how.

Read below for strategies on how to grow your small business on social media.

  • Are pictures of products visually appealing? When putting your products on social media, it is important to make them appealing to the consumer. Lighting and positioning are everything. Make sure the picture that is being posted of the product is exactly what the product looks like in person. The consumer wants to know what they are purchasing.
  • Follow Progress. Some social medias, have some sort of analyst you can use to follow your progress. It is encouraged you use them or use different analyst systems to follow your progress on social media. This will help you learn what is working, and what is not. It gives the opportunity to modify what isn’t working or improve in what part of your social media strategies needs improvement.
  • Encourage consumers to post themselves with the product. Have the consumer take photos of them using the product and post and tag the company within the photo. This will bring more recognition to the company. There have many successful marketing campaigns using these strategies. Shot with iPhone is an example of how Apple marketed the camera quality on their phone.
  • Staying with trends. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends. This helps you stay relevant to the consumers who use social media on a daily. It keeps your company looking fresh and up to date.

What NOT to do when growing your small business on social media

You can do endless of searches on what to do to grow your business on social media. They will tell you all sorts of strategies on what to do. However, you’ll never see things that you shouldn’t be doing. I’m here to tell you what you shouldn’t do.

Here are things to avoid when trying to build your small business on social media:

  • Neglect your social media accounts. Marketing on social media is a full-time job. With so many popular social media accounts to keep up with, it can be easy to neglect it. But don’t. Make time for each account as they all bring something to the table.
  • Argue with the consumer. Arguing in a public platform can hurt you. You may not agree with everything people need to say but take this time to be respectful and listen to their concerns. If needed, have a conversation with them privately to come to a conclusion that satisfies everyone.
  • Post stuff just to post. Make sure whatever your posting on social media is related to your brand. Don’t mix personal with business unless that’s your brand. For example, if you sell products, don’t post personal photos. It’s not the right account. Instead, create a personal account and post there.

Final Note

Social media is amazing tool for small business to advertise their business and to reach their target audience. In order for businesses to succeed in doing so, business owners need to keep curtain things in mind, and strategize on what’s the best for their company. It’s not a one size fits all type of thing. Business owners need to be active on social media and be willing to keep an open mind and try new strategies.

Leave a comment, telling me how this post helped you with your small business on social media. Leave any other suggestions you may have.

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