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#GRWM Small Business Edition

Let’s get started!

#GRWM? What in the world does that mean? #GRWM stands for “Get Ready With Me,” and this phenomenon has be sweeping social media platforms all over the world. It shows the day and the life of getting ready in relation to a certain themes. For example, date night, a new mom, make-up routine, graduation, first day of school, college, work etc. Initially, this hashtag was associated with clothing but has since grown and branched out into lifestyle tips.

But have you ever seen what it was like for a small business to get ready in regard to social media? Well, you can now! I have included 3 main categories of focus that could highly assist in taking your business to the next level by using social media. Are these the only key tips that can be used? No, but it is a start! Social media is made up of many moving parts, so your job will never stop. Re-evaluating these moving parts and innovation will keep you afloat.

So, you have a product or service that would like to share with the world. You’re fully invested in it and decide to start a small business. You’ve set up your online store and/ or brick and mortar location. You have family, friends and locals who purchase your product or service; however, you would like to expand your clientele to an outside audience. What is your next move? I would suggest selecting a social media platform, driving traffic, and retaining customers.

#GRWM: Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be used to promote products and services, and to share information. Overall, they are all about exchange. They give existing customers a way to promote to others on your behalf. They do this mostly through word of mouth. In addition to conversing, and sharing snapshots of their lives or self-promoting themselves, customers utilize social media to gain information about products and services from businesses. All platforms typically consists of content that contains visuals and/or text, and are shareable.

Facebook has transformed drastically over time. In the past it was a simple platform used to connect with others in your circle but has since become a place like other social media platforms where you can connect with others from all around the world. You are able to like, share, comment, create videos, have stories, play games, and even sell merchandise. Instagram is known for its photo worthy content paired with captions. You can also share, like, comment, send messages, create virtual stories, sell items and even live-stream. Like Facebook, over time it has become an all-in-one platform. Twitter, is a way to microblog, by quickly sharing thoughts that can be accompanied by photos, gifs or videos. Tiktok, is a short video platform where users can share, save, like and even remix the content. YouTube has also been the number one video platform and has even become a search engine in a sense. Snapchat is what the name implies. It is a quick way to share snapshot videos and photos of one’s every day. LinkedIn is considered the corporate social media platform where users can connect and interact with other professionals about job related things. It is place where your profile becomes your online resume. Pinterest is a platform used to find lifestyle inspiration.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

#GRWM: Driving Traffic

There are various ways to drive traffic to your business via social media. This includes but is not limited to creating unique content that stands out from competitors, using unique hashtags to build unity amongst platforms and brand communities, using live-stream to humanize your brand and make a more personable experience, using hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website, and using social media ads to boost engagement.

Using unique content that is not only appealing to your audience but is also shareable is one of the key factors to driving traffic to your business on social media platforms. Something that stands out, whether it be the message that you are sharing, the colors that you are using or humor to spark some emotion really go a long way. To boost this enthusiasm from your audience, hashtags can be used to gain traction and boost shareability amongst social media users. You can do this by selecting a keyword that goes along with the main focus of your post that is simple and straight to the point. Live-streaming has been a great way over the years to put a face to brands and make a more personable experience. Live-streams can be used to have a question and answer session, show of new products and address any concerns. This is how you build connections and boots loyalty. Hyperlinks are a tool to circumvent traffic with internally or externally. They are key to the customer’s path in them gaining more knowledge about products and services. The use of social media ads allow audiences outside of your target audience to gain visibility about what it is that you have to offer.

  • Create unique content
  • Use of unique hashtags
  • Use of Live-stream
  • Use of hyperlinks
  • Use of ads

#GRWM: Customer Retention

If a customer purchases a product or a service and have a great experience, they share said experience with others who are then influenced to purchase the same products and services. This can even happen in the stage prior to purchasing. It’s all about the customer experience. How would you build customer loyalty, give you customer thanks, and promote brand awareness?

Customer Retention builds bonds. Handwritten and personalized notes are a great way to build bonds with your customers. They show that you care and that they are not just an order, but an asset. When you pair a note that is short and sweet with a discount card for future use that gives your customers even more incentive to come back and make another purchase. It also gives them incentive to rave about you in a good light to family, friends and even strangers. When you engage with your audience, and respond to inquiries it further shows that you care. It also shows that you are easily accessible. Customers love connecting with the source. Even more they love when their needs are being met. You can further show your customers appreciation by having contests and giveaways. This is also a great way reach new potential customers and introduce them to your brand. Having an email list or subscription is a great way for your customers to keep up with the happenings of your business. This can include future events, sales and new products. Who doesn’t love being in the now?

  • Thank you notes- Handwritten or Personalized
  • Discount cards for future use
  • Respond to inquiries and interact with customers
  • Contests/ Giveaways
  • Email List

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