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Guide to Advertise During Pandemic

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Tik Tok Video advertisement
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Your guide to advertisement in your business or personal touch during the pandemic of 2020 is thinking out of the box. With the government mandate of closing business for the safety of the customer and staff has caused hardship in business. In the widespread, small business has moved to creative heights to survive. Making an advertisement strategy the center to maintain the brand and customer engagement. Especially to continue a personal touch with social distancing.  To keep from closing or moving toward the internet obtain revenue. Furthermore, the loss of staff and operational funds, a guide to advertisement comes at the end of the spectrum.

Advertisement Guide for Small Business

It is reported that 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube per day. The world loves a story but what is the best and visual way to bring the story… then a real-life picture. In addition, allow for content that keeps you competitive across multiple platforms.  They claim that videos assist in customer’s understanding of products. Over 80 % of traffic consist of videos, 81 % of business are using videos to bring a competitive edge. The tools of Tik Tok allows for creative, informative, and engaging tools with a potentially huge return on investment. The Tik Tok app is a tool that has filters, control over video speed and access to professional audio, and more.  Furthermore, it is a refreshing outlier in the social media galaxy and not only brings the fun. It is also capable of professional value to the business. 

Grab Attention

One great tool in engaging customers is a video and also allows you to be concise in capturing the views and interest in a few seconds.  To obtain the attention, you should place clear indicators in the beginning so the user continues to the end.

Guide Search Optimization

The content should be optimized for search engines and this is the same with videos. The question would be how to be on top of the popular and trending list. Well, it comes with creating compelling headlines and descriptions for your video so it will register in searches.

Drive Conversions for Advertisement

In posting on the different social medium you should have a goal for your video. That involves user action which is a virtual handshake with your viewer. So if they complete the video you really want a call to action to bring more engagement and interest.

Unique Message

When posting on social media a conversation is discussed one thing at a time. This the same with a video because you do not want the audience to lose interest. Furthermore, you should be telling a story that will leave the viewers wanting more. Making sure the video has a call to action.

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A new way to advertise for the small business and network
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Operations and Engaging  

 The personal touch is created with building on the brand, engaging not just the product, but also using everyday situations to promote.   Live videos are accountable for 13 % of traffic because of applications like Facebook Live or Instagram stories. Tik Tok is an app that allows sharing short videos that could be tall, not square on Snapchat or Instagram’s stories, and the navigation through scrolling up and down like a feed.

The functionality of Tik Tok

 Hashtags play a surprisingly large role on Tik Tok by existing as a real and functional organizing principle. Which does not include news and trending, but various challenges or jokes, repeating format, or visible blob activities.  The creative aspects of Tik Tok allow for features like the ranges of sounds, popular son clips to TV shows, YouTube videos, and allows for challenges that could be offered. In using Tik Tok to make an effective video you need to start by commanding the attention from the very beginning to keep the customer from skipping or clicking away.

Making Video Success

The first-seconds-count and require an audience hook to make your brand stand out.  Your video should highlight what makes your brand interesting to the viewer. Allowing for the uniqueness to be highlighted.  It is important to make sure your video maintains a time limit of 30 seconds or less. 90 % of consumers also claim that videos will help them make a purchasing decision. It’s the personalized video that is engaging to the customer making it unique. Making sure the video is telling why they should choose your brand and finally a call to action to formulate a reason for them to take some sort of action.

So you ready to Tik Tok bring your business up to speed.

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