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Ways To Increase Comments To Your Blog

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Writing a blog post takes time, energy, and brainpower. Once you have your post written, your images added, and everything looks perfect to you, you want people to read and comment. But what happens when no one comes and reads your baby? It’s heart breaking. All that time and energy put into writing that blog and no one reads it?

What do you do? Do you throw a tantrum and vow to never write again? Well, you could but I’m assuming that most of you are older than five years old and tantrums are a thing of your past, or I’m hoping they are. It’s time to put together a plan of attack. How can you promote your blog so that people read, comment and follow your blog?


Promotion Ideas for Your Blog

Jeff Bullas provides a great list of 50 tips to promote your blog. Some of his tips include:

  1. Include your blog link on Facebook and Twitter profiles and posts
  2. Use Google+ to build your circle of friends and promote your blog
  3. Pin images from your blog post to Pinterest
  4. Post a link to your blog on LinkedIn
  5. Create fun and unique share buttons to social media platforms encouraging readers “share” your blog post
  6. Guest post on a targeted blog that fits your audience
  7. Submit your blog post to RSS directories
  8. Use keywords. Long tail keywords are easier with SEO ranking.
  9. Engage on other blogs
  10. Create an infographic that details your blog post

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Now you have some ideas on how to promote your blog. There’s just a little bit more that you need to read before you get promoting. Did you know that there are more than 254 million blogs in publication? That’s A LOT of blogs. And did you know that a large percentage of those blogs written never reaches the audience it was written for? Your blog post needs to contain good content and influential content. Influential content will result in you being connected with more influencers. The more you connect with, the more you build your reputation as an influencer (Stinson-Ross, 2014).


Comment No-No’s

Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing and a top social media influencer offers the following advice for your blog. There are five words that can kill your blog:

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation
  • Your comment is awaiting approval
  • You need to register first

Stratten says, “Congratulations, you’ve just halted the conversation on your post.” Remember the joy you had when you finished your perfect post? Commenting on a blog post isn’t much different. You want to share your wise words and you can’t because the blog moderator has blocked you. The conversation has come to a screeching halt. Don’t make this mistake. Allow the conversation to flow.


You’ve worked hard on your blog. Make sure you’re allowing for easy conversation to flow. Use keywords that make your blog post come up in relevant searches. There are some great blog posts here on The Social Observer that can help with SEO such as SEO Help for WordPress: Part 1 and Elements of SEO – Overview.

And last but not least, promote the heck out of it!

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