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Hiring Social Media Talent, Three Years of Experience Requires a Budget

The average base pay of a Social Media Coordinator (or social media-related position) is ranged from$39,000 ~ $58,000 with the median salary being $46,258/yr – 7% above the national average in New York City. The average cost of a start-up company/small business is roughly $30,000 already according to studies from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

$4,000 ~ $7,000 per month

Photo by - The Image Bank/Getty Images

Photo by The Image Bank/Getty Images

This is already looking expensive just paying a social media person the bare minimum in a high-traffic city. The skills of a social media-centric person are indispensable, but hiring someone with years of experience requires months of expenses ahead. Social media is not extremely complicated! As we speak, the digital generation of Millennials are pushing into adulthood and pressing into the job market according to the Pew Research Center. Investing in talent is awesome if you want an effective strategy, but investments must be smart just like business decisions.

Many bloggers are effective social media community managers by themselves. Influencers in major cities are not hard to find either, evidenced here!

Social Media CMO

The average social media budget rests on $200 ~ $350 per day, according to an analysis by The Content Factory. Outsourcing or pulling in 3+ year social media acquisition talent can cost up to $4,000 ~ $7,000 per month. Does your budget compare to this? Can your budget get any higher or any lower? Social blogging sites like Buffer have marketing budgets that literally consist of mainly their marketing tools, not the staff. The following are some relatively inexpensive, or even free, tools that can be accessed for your small business… —-

  • Trello
  • Grammarly
  • Discourse
  • Google+
  • Slack
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp

A tip for small businesses on implementing social media strategy is to first think about your audience. What is your industry and what media does it relate to? If your business is heavily aesthetic based (for example from some of my personal favorite examples – new gaming developer or cosplay costume creation company) then programs for social media should be geared towards Instagram or Pinterest.

Iconosquare and Chartbeat are two aesthetic-based social media analytics programs that are relatively inexpensive and only require maybe a few days of playing around with to fully grasp. Both have scored wonderful ratings for ease-of-use! Practically, an entry-level candidate could work these programs within a few days with some guidance. Free training programs are found online to subside cost for your business even further.

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