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How and Why Small Businesses Should Join Trending Conversations.  

By Shelton Whittaker

Why should you join trending conversations? 

It is important for small businesses to use social media for a variety of reasons, but there are certain ways to use it correctly to stand out from competitors and other brands. One way is by simply joining conversations. There are often times when a conversation can trend on different social media platforms, where millions of people are talking about something at once. These conversations can happen at random, or it is a given that a certain conversation will take place on a certain day. For example, on mental health day, it is given that people are going to be talking about mental health.  

Social media is a communication platform so that is exactly what small businesses need to do is communicate with their target audience and join trending conversations. In order for your business to grow and gain exposure, taking part in trends whether it be joining a conversation or taking part in the trend is important. I suggest joining a conversation in multiple ways, but the best is with content marketing. By posting a picture, or a short video, can go a long way when joining a conversation. Also, things such as posting links, blogs, and more are ways to join a trending conversation. Even a simple meme can get the job done but you must know your target audience.  

Picking the Right Conversations: 

There are constantly trending conversations taking place at once, and it is not efficient to try and take place in everyone. Join in the conversations that fit with your brand, niche, and target audience. If your small business is a restaurant, and a trending conversation is about health, post a picture or video of your healthy items on your menu. Something that simple can go a long way and has the potential to reach a lot of people. Utilizing hashtags and keywords is what is going to get it seen in the conversation if you want to reach people outside of your followers.  

Important Key Notes: 

  • Know your Audience 
  • Utilize specific hashtags, and key words 
  • Post specific content for the conversation 
  • Engage with users who comment on post 

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