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How Color Can Cause Clicks

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Whether you’re a Fashionista or someone who keeps the same five colored shirts in your closet, we all have preferences and attitudes toward colors. We all know which colors we favor – even if we don’t consciously know it. As human beings, we are subconsciously attracted to or weary of certain colors and colors can cause an us to have an emotional reaction.

The Queen’s Wardrobe

Take for example the Queen of England’s attire on this particular day.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Robin’s Egg Uniform

Another prime example comes from one of my personal favorite shows, Scrubs. The Janitor is a normal grump in a grey jumpsuit who is feared and commands hostility around the hospital. Per his request, he has been issued a new uniform but this time its robin’s egg blue. See what happens here!

Scrubs - Janitor's New Suit
Janitor from Scrubs in his Robin Egg Blue Jumper

The point of this clip isn’t necessarily about the fashion of blues and oranges, but to point out that colors are a factor in attracting people to one’s page.

Color Psychology and Your Blog

As a blogger, you work hard to develop your content in an engaging and strategic matter. You want users all across the web to engage with your posts and a factor that can help someone stand out over another is the colors they choose to represent themselves.

Of the choices below, which would you prefer to click on if you were surfing the Web?

A black sign with white text

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Would you click this color image?
A picture containing monitor, wall, tennis

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Color directs our eyes where to look, how to feel, and how to interpret items and content. It helps put content into context says Ashton Hauff, a blogger who also discusses ‘Color Psychology In Marketing‘. Although there has been a great deal of research put into color theory, colors can be subjective. So don’t panic about the colors you choose. But understand which colors to stay away from to help promote the proper tone of your content.

Another blogger Linsday Kolowich goes a bit more in depth on this topic in ‘Color Psychology in Marketing‘. For instance, red can cause a strong feeling of urgency and is bold and energetic.

The Color Red

The color red in marketing.

The Color Purple

Meanwhile the color purple has long been associated with royalty and can invoke a sense of dignity. Its also highly favored by the female gender over the male – which can help direct your content to your target audience if there are more female users visiting your content.

The color purple in marketing.

Pick Your Colors Wisely

Use these colors to stand out or to associate with your content, your target audience, or your brand if you so choose. But take a moment to consider the colors before just picking one – it may change the perspective of a potential user. For more Infographic information on colors click here.

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