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How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media to Communicate Correctly and Connect with Donors

Communication in everyday business and life can make or
break a relationship. This seems an easy enough skill to master but universally
most people struggle to communicate clearly. This is even more apparent when
using social media when trying to build an audience.  Social Media is the best and most economical
way non-profits can connect with an audience and build awareness for their
brand and cause. The content needs to be clear, educational, and entertaining. Here
are some tips to make your social media content irresistible.

Keep Content Clear

Use plain language when posting content on social media to
educate your audience. No matter what your agenda is, explain it in layman’s
terms.  If the audience has no idea what
you are discussing, they will tune out. No acronyms and if you do, use the
whole word then give the acronym in parenthesis so the meaning is clear. Great
content is an important part of social media marketing. Using clear words to
communicate your non-profit online will assist in building your presence and
your business. This blog by by Julia
Campbell, nonprofit social media and marketing expert, is a must-read for
anyone working in nonprofit communications or marketing. The tone of her blog
is very personal like you are having a one on one conversation with her while
reading her blog. Your non-profit should have the same feel to make the
connection with the audience and potential donors.

Tell a Story

Tell an entertaining story of your cause. Give behind the scenes anecdotes on the craziness of the latest fundraiser. Have any celebrities helped support your cause? Share a success story that explains why your non-profit does what it does for the community. A behind the scenes view of your non-profit is social media gold.  Adding humor to your profile will connect with your audience on a personal level. If you connect with humor, your content will get shared. Shared content is how your network of followers grow which will grow your business. Social media is all about connections. Donors today look for this personal connection when looking for a charity to support. The Children’s Miracle Network blog is an excellent example of combining celebrity participation and personal stories from various hospitals to connect with the online audience.

Be on the Correct
Platforms and Post Consistently

Three rules of social media marketing:

  • Know our audience
  • Be on the social platforms that they are on
  • Post on a regular basis

Social media is all about connecting with the customer – a
personal, social connection. The same if for non-profits and research needs to
be completed to have the answers for the three things listed above.  This blog from Big Duck explains
how important research is for non-profits to not waist time and ultimately

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