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How Small Businesses Can Utilize Social Media Marketing For Success

Marketing has been changing drastically over the past few decades, especially with the introduction of new technologies as well as new social media platforms. Younger generations spend hours a day on their phones, tablets, laptops, and other screens. Traditional marketing methods cannot get the same attention from viewers as they once did. Social media marketing is the newest and most efficient as well s effective way to promote products, services, and businesses now. There are many advantages to utilizing social media in a marketing campaign, as well as many tools and methods to do so.

  1. Influencers / collaborations – partnering with social media influencers or celebrities can help a brand get more awareness from new and potential viewers, because fans of these popular characters will see these endorsements and brand partnerships and be more willing to look into ./ try a product if someone that they like and trust is doing so.
  2. Content creation – content must be relevant to the intended target audience in order for it to be effective. Creating brand content with no real direction will not work as well and may be a waste of time and energy. Knowing the intended audience will aid in creating content that will catch the attention of the right people.
  3. interacting with audience – Interacting with followers and fans online will humanize the brand as well as let the audience feel that their voice is being heard. Having a social media manager or another person that is able to dedicate the time to respond to questions, comments, and concerns is a great way to be more involved with the audience. Also, taking the time to repost audience created-content is not only an easy way to get more content out, but also gets followers and fans more involved.
  4. Hashtags and geotags – Using hashtags and geotags is a great way to get an even bigger reach and to get more people to see your content, page, and business. Utilizing the correct hashtags and geotags is a skill to be taken advantage of.

An example of a small business that does all of these things correctly is Trident Coffee. Trident is located in Coronado CA and headquartered in Imperial Beach CA. This business specializes in craft nitro cold brew coffee. With consistent instagram posts and aesthetically pleasing content, Trident is able to develop some brand recognition without having to do very much traditional marketing, over social media marketing.


Trident Coffee.

Trident Coffee Instagram.

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