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How To: Brand Awareness For Your Small Business

Written By: Elizabeth Childers @catechilders

Small businesses can use social media to connect directly with an audience to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Social media is also an effective platform for lead generation. When users click on your content or ad, they are actively looking for it or opting in to receive updates.

Here are four ways you can leverage social media to attract customers and grow your company.

1. Invest in paid ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all offer the option to place your ads on their platforms. You can create highly targeted ads that resonate with your target audience. Through an audience audit, you can customize your ads based on your audience’s preferences and online behavior.

As a result, of understanding your audience, you can tailor your ads to those who are most likely in the market for either the product/services you are trying to sell. In other words, when potential customers are a good match with your company, they’ll likely click your ad, which leads to your website, an ultimately creates that brand awareness that you are looking for.

2. Consistency

It may seem like a silly to mention but, consistency is key on social media. Most importantly, try to post images that are cohesive to you goal and to your brands personality. Be as human as possible, you are trying to attract your target audience. In example, brands like Kristin Ess and King of Pops are consistent through their brand narrative. King of Pops message is consistent through their employees, website, and social media sites. They all ensure you are getting the best locally sourced produce. In addition, they are all informative on how they support other local businesses and how to support their community by acts of service and giving back by helping growing brands they love. While Kristin Ess promotes her brand primarily through Instagram; however, she uses each feature within the application to introduce and demonstrate new products.

brand consistency example as shown on instagram, social media marketing for small business brand awareness

3. User- Generated Content

UGC provides authentic information from previous customers about the brand’s products and services, saves resources, and increases the brand’s credibility. UGC is a means for marketers to show products, celebrate fans, and drive revenue with an average of 60 million images uploaded to Instagram daily. Not only does UGC build a loyal fan base, but it also helps your fan community feel that they are an integral part of your brand. A great example of user-generated content would be Warby Parker, Glossier and Starbucks. UGC is a prime example of brand loyalty customer engagement. When consumers have a positive link to a company, they will continue to do business with them. Brand-generated media use has more to do with supporting a certain brand image. This product identity is used to control the decision to buy.

User Generated Content example to generate brand awareness for small business.

4. Giveaways

And finally, many brands use giveaways to promote brand recognition and engage their followers. In addition to gaining visibility. You can hold a weekly contest to engage your followers and encourage them to participate. Prizes for contest winners may include gift cards, discounts on your products, free stuff, etc. In short, running giveaways may not directly result in sales, but it can help you establish a name for your company. In the example, the post below is a great way to create brand awareness. To win the 30A giveaway you would have to follow other businesses, like and share. Through these actions you are creating curiosity amongst those in your following, who may have never heard of the brands.

Giveaway on Instagram, SEO tactic for brand awareness for small business

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How do you use social media to promote your business? Please leave a comment below and tell me which platforms are most effective in reaching your targeted audience.

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