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How To Decide The Best Social Media Platform

So, as a small business owner you think to yourself about the various social media platforms and which one will benefit your brand. Online presence is crucial for small businesses today and an essential segment of growing a business. Ensuring the content is relevant to the target audience is important. There are many tools that can assist with promoting their brand.

Online business social media platforms
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Social Media Platforms

There are many social media platforms that small businesses can use to grow their brand. The important factor is to make sure that the platform that will gain the attention of the target audience. An up-and-rising platform that people are starting to use is TikTok. This platform allows the business to create videos that will connect with its audience. Facebook is is helping grow the brand of small businesses. Many already like Facebook but TikToc is gaining likes with small businesses.

Facebook as a Social Media Platform

Facebook as a social media platform for small businesses
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Almost all small businesses (78%) market their company on Facebook, making it a well liked social media platform among small businesses reported in the CISION PR Newswire. For example, you have active users with high volume like Facebook the most due to the content that small businesses give. Aiding in the growth of the brand.

Visual Objects Company Survey Results

  • It is good to emphasize how important social media marketing is too small businesses – Eight in ten small businesses (81%) plan to invest in social media in 2021.
  • As a result, most small businesses (74%) engage at least weekly on social accounts, which encourages an active and consistent posting schedule. Engagement is the key to increasing the business.
  • A social media platform that fits the company’s image. In other words, you have more than three-quarters of small businesses (78%) use Facebook, making it the most popular social media marketing platform. 
  • TikTok is up and coming small businesses look to proactively find a good fit for their business. In other words, you only have 14% of small businesses using TikTok, despite its ability to reach wide audiences.
  • Likewise, YouTube is another social media platform that is of value to small businesses. About half of small businesses (48%) plan to use YouTube more in 2021, encouraged by increased usage by key demographics.
  • Small businesses (30%) consider engagement metrics the most important measure of success on social media, despite their inability to directly inform changes in revenue.
  • Only 31% of small businesses use software to manage their social media activity, even though they save time and resources.

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How Facebook adding new tools for small businesses
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