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How to Engage with Customers on Social Media

Check out these examples on Instagram by clicking here

Note the comments and how customers are engaging with feedback and fun emojis.

But don’t limit yourself to only communicating on Instagram. Use the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Tit Tok
  4. Snap Chat
  5. YouTube

Be Informative!

Don’t just post content without having a purpose. Engaging with customers also includes providing them with information to help make better purchasing decisions based on their individual needs. This is when information based expertise becomes extremely important to the consumer. Experts secure trust and brand loyalty by directly communicating with customers, this is transactional communication.

You should be able to demonstrate transaction communication by doing the following:

Develop relationships – The type of relationship will determine how one interacts with the other. Fresh relationships tend to put forth more effort. For instance, a new employee will try to follow established company guidelines more diligently than an employee who’s been there for awhile and already understand the company culture.

Engage in conversation – Feedback is important to developing interpersonal communication since it provides opportunities to avoid misunderstandings and improve customer service.

Build communities – Communities are built around culture, which refers to the identity and lifestyle of people. The idea of communities built around culture plays a critical role in the communication process. This can include demographics of age, race, gender, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. People in a similar cultural group can communicate more effectively.

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