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How to Grow Your Small Business With Social Media Marketing

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Now more than ever, the business world has never been more favorable for female small business owners. Consider the fact that in 2020, women owned businesses made up 40% of all US businesses. Even though this number continues to grow, owning a small business in a post pandemic marketplace is challenging. Thankfully, today’s small business owners have the power of social media marketing in its toolbelt to help meet business objectives. Social media marketing especially, gives female small business owners the ability to connect with their target customers, and other female entrepreneurs. Social media marketing can help women owned business market themselves and grow revenue because of their marketing efforts.

Have you ever thought, where can my small business get the highest ROI for its marketing budget? When it comes to which channels produce the highest ROI, digital dominates.  Below are five ways that female small business owners can use social media marketing to get the highest ROI and grow their small business.

Tell Your Story

The easiest and fastest way to engage your target customer is by telling them your brand story. Your personal insights, background and brand journey are what makes your small business unique. The brand story will set your small business apart from your competition. Your back story will also help customers feel a personal connection with your brand. Engage your audience by being authentic, and sharing your brand story on your website and social media channels.


Blogs will help drive traffic to your site, and build trust with the target audience. Creating articles that your target audience will find helpful will create credibility. It will also make it easier to gain the relevant links your site needs to help with SEO. Hosting a blog centered around women-owned small business creates a platform to share content. The blog platform creates a path to reach other woman who might be interested in your product or service.


Collaborating with other women owned small businesses, helps expand the audience base, and generate new ideas. Collaboration will also create new opportunities for cross promotion, collaboration, and guest blogging. By collaborating with other female small businesses owners, you are showing the audience that your business values the opinions of others and provides opportunities for new thought leadership for your brand.


Building a community for your small business is necessary to create engagement with the audience. Community comes more naturally with female audiences than it does with male audiences, and social media is unbeatable for building community. Some easy tools to help build your social media community are to respond to followers with a comment or like. Commenters appreciate responsiveness and as a result will be more motivated to engage with your posts. Also, don’t be afraid to inspire your followers to take cause driven actions to demonstrate your small business values. By giving your audience the opportunity to give back to the community, you are empowering them and making a shared connection with your brand.

Target Women

Rising female consumer power is changing the ways small businesses build its marketing strategies. This is important because women make their purchasing decisions much differently than men do. Women are interested in creating a long-term relationship, not just conducting a transaction. Your small business can build relationships with the audience by creating great content and by using social listening tools to listen to what your audience is saying about you and help craft female audience specific messages.

These five strategies are a great start to help your small business grow using social media marketing.

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