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How to Personally Brand a business idea!!

As a small business owner, you’re probably asking yourself how you can use Personal Branding to improve business for a small company. When many new business owners start their own venture, there are many questions that need to be asked. There are also other small businesses that can be viewed as great examples and we can sure learn from company examples.

Helpful tips on how to improve!!!

Several tips on how to use personal branding includes:

  • Defining your positioning Statement: What is your backstory and why does it help with the business idea? What key strengths help move the business? and Who is the business attracting?
  • Create a Narrative: As a small business owner, there needs to be a story written to why the business was created
  • Consistency is key: It’s crucial to stay the consistent in posts, engagements, and social media milestones. Brand reputation plays a huge part in the success of the business. Any mistake can create a large setback.
  • Ask for Feedback and focus on communication: Asking the target market what they want is huge in the startup of any business. Businesses want to play to the crowd as they make sales and keep the business afloat. It’s also important to diversify the content that is posted. Use blog posts, interactive live sessions, a bite-sized videos to keep the audience entertained and informed.

Examples of Successful Companies

There are a number of small businesses that have had tremendous success because of the way they played to the audience. One company is The Death Wish Coffee Company. This company is known for it’s bold statements of “World’s Strongest Coffee” as this makes the company memorable and known for something specific. The logo also contains a picture of a skull with crossbones.

Another small company that stood out is Imperfect Produce. This company became popular very quickly as it took a flaw an turned it into a positive and created a larger message. The company took fruit and vegetables that looked “ugly” and not “picture perfect” and sold them to avoid food waste as most consumers throw out food that isn’t commercial ready. This company created brand loyalty and showcased a great brand.

There are countless examples of small businesses that used personal branding to turn a business idea into similarities. There are consumers that connected with these companies because it spoke to them in a personal way.

To read about more small businesses that turned into success stories, please follow this link:

Advice on Bettering the small business industry

In any business setting, there will always be different views on businesses can create and gain new business and establish a presence in any local community. The Better Business Bureau recently discussed some tips on how small businesses can create a higher presence among the competition when branding is involved. For any business, branding is the cornerstone for success and on average, it can take 5 to 7 impressions for a brand to become memorable. For some businesses, an impression can be an instant success. I personally cannot remember companies that I have purchased from a single time but can remember big companies that I shop at constantly.

  • Know the Competition!!!
    • This is extremely important as businesses need to know who they are selling against and of course to know their established customer base. Once the competition is established, it’s as equally important to determine what makes your brand unique. What will make your business stand out?
  • Have a Memorable Brand!!!
    • Visual identity is important for any business looking to stand out. The logo design, colors, and any visual elements will determine how memorable your business will be. When a strong logo is established, the mission and vision statements will then be determined. Without these, the business will not have a strong brand voice. Ultimately, how any business voices their brand on social media or through any marketing material goes back to how their brand is established. Remaining friendly, professional, and trustworthy will ensure strong sales and even better relationships.
  • Create strong and memorable products and services!!!
    • Any business establishes a strong brand as long as they have products that have a strong following. This is dependent on the niche target market that is established. When a small business defines their target market, the product is usually targeting the local community. Local shopping habits and important community values will lead to strong products and an even stronger following.

There are an infinite number of examples of small businesses succeeding and failing in their brands. It is of course up to business owners and marketers to help establish a presence in local communities to show strong brands. Feel free to comment of ways you believe will improve a small business brand.

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