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How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates with Social Media


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Special kinds of customers can become “brand advocates” for your company.  These kinds of consumers are fully committed to the brand and truly believe in the product and services offered.  They go the extra mile to spread the word of this company’s services.  These people are more than just customers they feel that they are “connected to the brand” and “company values”.

Some tips on how to create customers into branding advocates can be difficult but not an unachievable task.  It takes work and guidance that at the end can be a full-filling experience.  Here are some tips on how to transform your customers into your “loudest and proudest” consumers:

Teaching them how to fish

Teaching your consumers how to help themselves only better your consumers as well as the firm.  The more knowledge that is retained the more it can be spread from one to another. For example, creating blogs that teach consumers about their services as well as changes in the industry which goes beyond addressing the present challenges help the brand become recognizable to those who are seeking to learn further than just the current problem.


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Creating incentives for brand advocates

Another great way to create a Branding Advocate is through incentives.  Creating an incentive plan where if a current consumer shares the site information and someone they know purchases an item or specific service they both receive a discounted rate or coupon code will most certainly help spread brand awareness.  One thing to watch out for are abuse tactics and make sure that there are clauses in the small print that ensure that the person sharing their incentive doesn’t mass email/share their promo code.

And of course ALWAYS EXCEL AT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  The saying the customer is always right – even when they are completely wrong – goes along way with customers these days.  Knowing how to work with a customer regardless of the situation where everyone comes out happy is the greatest creator of brand advocates!


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