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How To: use Shop Small in a Small Business

Shop Small with Us

Shop Small x American Express

The outlook for small businesses has skyrocketed since the implementation of the #ShopSmall campaign released by American Express. This campaign not only boosts sales and foot traffic for small owned businesses, but it makes it so easy for those business owners to utilize the provided content, put their name on the map (literally), and be part of something bigger. This blog post will go through the process, start to finish, of how to get started with #ShopSmall.

Step One: put yourself on the map

Our first order of business is to get your small business on the map. American Express has released a convenient document that walks you through the entire process! Be sure to get this done as soon as possible, especially before the annual #ShopSmallSaturday event.

Shop Small x American Express

Step Two: stay on brand

Now that we have you on the map, let’s work on some implementing some branded campaign material to your business. The Shop Small campaign material is composed of dark blue and stark white. American Express provides free downloadable content, some of which can be customized. They also release branded content relative to the season. This can all be found here, on their website. Be sure to keep this content up to date and take advantage of the new content released.

American Express offers two types of content. The first being graphic images/posters for various platforms and sizing needs, such as this:


The second type of content offered is more of a guideline to be used with a businesses own graphic design or content. These pieces of content consists of things like this: blog post templates, small blurbs, and phrases.

Step Three: stay active with the campaign

Lastly, you’ll want to keep up with updated content and continued participation in #ShopSmallSaturday. This year (2021), #ShopSmallSaturday will take place on November 27th. This gives you ample time to get organized for the increase in sales you’re going to have! Start stockpiling inventory and promoting your brand in your community and online. American express will release shop small updates year round, so be sure to follow them

What are you waiting for? Get started today! Then, check out all the other posts here on The Social Observer, we have lots of valuable insight for you!

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