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How To Utilize Social Media Influencers For Your Small Business

#1Authenticity, #2User Generated Content, #3More Potential Customers, #4Promo Codes and E-Commerce Sales

Influencers: Not Just for Big Businesses. Influencer Marketing is working with well-known social media personalities to promote your business. Once you get your small business up and running the next step is to figure out marketing tips and tricks that will benefit your brand without going over budget. We know that small businesses don’t have a large marketing budget like other businesses, so it would be best for your business to use Social Media Influencers. There are four ways your business can benefit from using a Social Media Influencer:

  1. Authenticity
  2. User-Generated Content
  3. More Potential Customers
  4. Promo Codes and E-Commerce Sales


This is the simplest and yet overlooked benefit here. Long story short, customers aren’t “dumb”. It is easy to tell when someone is actually genuine about a particular product or service. Consumers trust a consistent voice. Consumers already know the creators they follow pretty well. Their likes, dislikes, their beliefs, etc; influencers are extremely public individuals. It wouldn’t make sense for example for a super materialistic “girly-girl” to start promoting a local sports shop. That type of “b.s” isn’t going to fly. I think of it almost as a paid word-of-mouth type of advertisement. The small business specialty is to let the influencer fall in love with the product or service first. The rest will come naturally. #authentic #smallbusiness

User-Generated Content:

Speaking of #wordofmouth, that is exactly where we end up when an influencer is in the mix. The beauty of having an influencer kick things off is that the ads never end there. It eventually all leads to a plethora of user-generated content. Example; an influencer speaks highly of XYZ coffee shop, and now the consumer is going to try the same drink. That consumer loves it and tells their friend. The friend tells another and so on and so forth (you get the idea). It is the simplest form of marketing imaginable and yet it is so incredibly effective. #usercontent #smallbusiness

More Potential Customers:

In case you weren’t sure yet, each of these benefits clearly domino off each other. User-generated content won’t take long before it turns into many new customers. There is a sad truth in this world and that is the fact that most opinions are originally formed by someone of power. It is an unfortunate reality. A business owner telling others about her business may lead to a few new customers. Yet, an influencer telling a few people why they like that business may lead to a few hundred customers. #smallbusiness #customers

Promo Codes and E-Commerce Sales

Having an influencer in your pocket is like having a free money machine. It eliminates the need (at times) for a small business to have, or at least, to have to rely on its own website for sales revenue. The easier, and free way is to let the influencer post a link on their social media pages that take the consumer directly to a place where they can buy the products. Even better, is if the link also provided them with some sort of promo code or coupon so they can try the product at a discounted rate. It makes both the influencer and the consumer feel special. A true win-win-win situation for all parties involved. It is so easy in fact here is a link to show you how its done. #Promo #Sales #Smallbusiness

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