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Increasing social media engagement for your small business

Have you ever wondered how social media can enhance your small business? As a small business owner, you probably have some form of social media.  Maybe you post updates, sales information, or have reviews on your social media site.  However, increasing engagement can be a huge win for small businesses (McLachlan, 2020).  This blog post will help small business owners understand the importance of social media engagement, and provide tips on how to increase engagement.

Social Media Engagement?

            It probably won’t come as a surprise to small business owners that social media is a huge method that people use to communicate with one another and with brands (Dawson, 2018).  Social media is used heavily in modern American society for many reasons, including personal reasons, contacting relatives and friends, entertainment, obtaining news and information, and learning about brands or even making purchases.  The power of social media with communication is quite clear today.  Social media engagement refers to customers engaging with your small business.  This can be as simple as customers posting comments on one of the company posts on Facebook.  Many small businesses with social media pages already have some degree of engagement.  For example, imagine a local furniture store that posts about a sale and answers questions in the comments section.  This is social media engagement.  Here is a really helpful link that can explain what social media engagement is:

            Social media engagement is the interaction that can happen on social media. 

Tips to improve social media engagement

            There are tons of tips available to small business owners who are looking to improve social media engagement.  Remember, this is so important because it can increase brand awareness and even result in sales boosts!  There are tons of tips, and this link is worth a read for business owners specifically using Facebook and Instagram:

            Without further ado, here are the 5 best tips to improve social media engagement for your small business.

  1. Use multiple social media platforms

Different people like different platforms.  A lot of people use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Others may prefer something like Reddit or TikTok.  Really focus on improving engagement by focusing on using different platforms.  This can help you reach more customers. 

  • Be active on each platform

This tip might seem intuitive.  If you’re not posting, how are people supposed to engage with your company?  Making several posts weekly on each active platform is a great tip to increase engagement.  With Hootsuite, it’s possible to schedule posts.  Schedule several posts weekly to stimulate your audience.

  • Post content that is engaging

By this, I mean post content that facilitates interaction.  Questions are an awesome way to do this. 

  • Post visually appealing content

Making sure your page looks good can help people want to visit and interact.  Post your products or pictures of your services.  Ask questions about which item people like best.  Make it attractive.

  • Be interactive and respond to people

Monitor the comments section.  Answer questions.  Encourage conversation.


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