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Inexpensive Ways to Market your Business on a Budget

No money for marketing?

As a small business owner, things may often be tight. You may find yourself with little to no money for a marketing budget, making promoting your business difficult.

There are inexpensive ways to market your small business that won’t require too much time or money. This article will reveal several ways to market your business for free or with very little money.

1. Create a free Google My Business Account

Creating a Google My Business profile is the top inexpensive way to market your business by allowing your business to appear on a Google map and in word searches. All businesses should have visibility on Google. A business profile is a listing that enables customers to find, learn about and engage with your business.

Google has over 167 billion searches per month, and your listing can easily drown. You should optimize your business profile by properly maintaining your profile to increase your search results.

  • Ensure that you have answered every section of the Google My Business profile information.
  • Ensure that all contact information is correct.
  • Write a detailed business description
  • Post pictures weekly
  • Answer questions
  • Set up messaging

How can optimizing your Google Business Profile help your business?

Another inexpensive way to market your small business is by using Google My Business to improve engagement. More consumers visit Google in search of information and rarely need to search past the first page. This is an opportunity for potential customers to engage with your profile as though it was your primary website. You will want your profile to be in the best position to encourage user engagement and increase conversion rates.

Boost Local Ranking

Google’s algorithms reflect proximity, relevance, quality of information, and activity. Optimizing profiles allows your business to have a higher rank in searches, equivalent to more visibility.

2. Post on Social Media

Posting regularly to social media accounts is another inexpensive way to market your small business. This creates brand awareness and a creative way to show your brand’s personality. Create business accounts on major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

You want to produce relevant content consistently. Don’t ever allow your followers to forget who you are; keep them engaged by asking questions, offering polls, and requesting feedback; take summaries from longer articles and make them short and sweet, while providing information on a particular subject.

3. Using Hashtags #

Another inexpensive way to market your business is the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a word or symbol preceded by a pound sign. Hashtags help make content discoverable on social media platforms and effectively reach more people (Olafson, 2021).

Hashtag Basics

  • Use # first; they won’t work with symbols or spaces
  • Ensure your accounts are public; if not, your hashtags will not be seen by non-followers.
  • Best hashtags are short, simple, and easy to remember. Try not to jam too many words together.
  • Use specific and relevant hashtags as you want them to be commonly used by other followers.
  • Limit the number of hashtags used; more isn’t necessarily better.

Why use hashtags?

Increase engagement with your followers

Using branded hashtags allows your brand to participate in conversations happening on social media platforms. This can boost your brand’s social media engagement through likes, shares, comments, and new followers.

Hashtags help your target audience find you

On LinkedIn and Instagram, followers can follow other users or follow hashtags. If you use a hashtag that they follow, for example, #backyardgardening, anyone who follows the same hashtag will see your new post on their feed. This is an excellent way of gaining new followers daily.

There are many hashtag generator tools that can be used to assist you in finding the right hashtags to grow your audience.

4. Create an Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is also an inexpensive way to market your business. It promotes and maintains a relationship with your current customers.

Build stronger relationships with current customers

Show your customers that you care about them by keeping them updated with the latest happenings of your business. It would be too time-consuming to contact every customer via phone and too costly to send direct mail, so email marketing is a happy medium.

Your newest products and services, the next big event, or an upcoming sale are all good things to discuss in your newsletter. Here is how to ensure you get the best out of email marketing;

  • Make the subject line catchy
  • Ensure every email has an offer and provide a call to action
  • Track performances and run A/B tests to see which emails resonate with your audience more.
  • Entice new visitors to signup for your newsletter by offering discounts or coupons
  • Use a promotional email service provider like Mail chimp.

5. Place Magnet on Company Vehicle

Stick a magnet on your vehicle or company vehicle, and you’ve just created a moving campaign on wheels. Which is also a very inexpensive way to advertise.

Benefits of vehicle branding

  • Attention-grabbing- A moving ad is more likely to grab the attention of bystanders than a stationary billboard or bus stop advertisement. 
  • Cost-effective- this is cheaper than paying for ongoing traditional and online advertisements. They can be ordered online and are easy to attach.
  • Advertising during downtime- when stuck in traffic, your business isn’t making money, and time is money. When your vehicle is branded, it’s stuck in traffic with everyone else and you, who may have no other choice but to notice your brand. It’s a great way to convert wasted time into a free advertising opportunity. 


Marketing your business can be extremely expensive and time-consuming; however, with a little research, you can find helpful organic tricks that can place your business on the map by creating brand identity and brand awareness. Follow me for part two of this blog for more inexpensive ways to market your small business.


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