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How To Be An Influencer And Generate Income


You have probably heard the term, but what makes someone an influencer? How does one become an influencer?

The truth is we are all influencers in our own way. We are all able to influence others, and we do so frequently. We often let our friends and family know when we try or come across something we love. While merely telling them about the things we love isn’t always enough. When you sprinkle in a bit of enthusiasm and combine that with a history of making awesome recommendations, you might be considered an influencer among your tribe.

How To Be An Influencer?

However, today the term influencer implies amplified influence that scales far beyond one’s personal tribe, but the overall idea is the same. We are all capable of becoming influencers. Social media offers aspiring influencers an opportunity to connect and engage with a large audience. An aspiring influencer’s ability to communicate with, and engage an audience is key to their success. Influencers must create and share content that is engaging and relevant to their audience. Influencers often start their journey toward becoming influencers by sharing content related to topics they are passionate about. When driven by one’s passion and interests creating and engaging is much easier to do.

Consistency is also important when striving to connect and engage audiences via social media. Regularly sharing relevant and engaging content helps influencers develop and maintain their reputation as knowledgeable sources of information for their followers.

Social media platforms serve as mediums through which influencers can publish their content, but they also serve as portals of unlimited insights. When publishing or engaging with audiences, it is essential to evaluate and iterate when necessary, to keep followers engaged. Followers will let influencers know how they feel about them and their content by way of social engagements (follows, likes, comments, shares, etc.). To continue to be influential, you must listen and evolve to meet the wants and needs of your audience.

Monetizing Influence

Garnering a large following across social media with a highly engaged audience can make any of us influencers. Today, brands and advertisers recognize the power of influence and are willing to invest. As your audience begins to recognize your authority as it relates to your passion topics so will advertisers and businesses. Companies will seek out influencers that can help them reach their target audience which enables influencers to leverage their following for goods, services or monetary compensation. Influencers are encouraged to connect with companies they love or are interested in working with to establish those relationships. When offered complimentary products or services, a great way to show companies appreciation for their generosity is by creating posts that feature their product or service. These posts are also a way for influencers to demonstrate their influence and value as a potential business partner.

Don’t Forget To Measure

Influencers must also understand their metrics of success and what they can realistically offer their business partners. Producing great content for partnerships that is engaging and meets or exceeds the partner’s expectations also helps influencers maintain their reputation and authority.

So, why wait? Start growing your tribe, create awesome content and start earning!

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