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Influencer Marketing: A Nonprofit’s Secret Weapon

Are you a nonprofit organization? Are you trying to reach your target audience on social media (SM)? If you said yes, then I have good news. Influencer marketing can be a secret weapon for nonprofits.

You should find an influencer to work with. Nonprofit doesn’t mean no creative marketing opportunities for you. Let’s begin.

What To Do First

First, set goals. Second, focus on donations. Third, figure out what your target audience, likes, and the social media websites they use. Fourth, pinpoint which social media platforms fit your long-term goals. Fifth, use a calendar for all your posts. (You’ll thank me later). Now, you’re ready to go.

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Get Them Talking
Next, stimulating network influencers will improve conversations and reach for your brand. Plus, when you share pictures on social media that your audience likes, it can build awareness with communities, friends, and followers and make it easy for them to join in.

Your Secret Weapon

Next, to find network influencers, show them how easy it is to support something they love. That way, it’ll be easier for them to get on board and get the word out. And, supporting you in the future will be a piece of cake. Plus, regularly give influencers funny pictures from company events to humanize your brand. Sharing it lets you see who fits with your brand and who doesn’t. Make certain to tag Influencers and customer groups on social media.

Influencer Marketing Best Practices

Here’s the best practices for using influencers in campaigns:

  1. Make sure influencers are real/honest
  2. Find influencers who believe in your cause
  3. Set an influencer probation timeframe
  4. Messages should focus on the audience
  5. Be clear/open and honest 
  6. Ask influencers to retweet messages
  7. Influencers should share your vision

Social Media Is Your Friend

Additionally, sharing pleasing content on social media with an influencer and your community to help spread the word, builds those relationships, increases reach, not to mention it raises money in the process. You could end up with brand loyalty too. Now, wouldn’t that be a fantastic bonus? Why yes, it would.

And, the content you share must be real, high quality, relatable, consistent, information-giving, deal with, or solve a problem, and most of all engaging. Types of Specific Content are original, collected, or recycled. Take interactive surveys and polls. Captivate by telling stories that influencers and their followers like using trackable hashtags to increase reach.

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Thus, use GIFs, infographics, or captivating images. Quality over quantity. Check social accounts frequently to respond to questions. And, make donating effortless for your audience. Either way, make it extremely attractive.

Nonprofit Donate CTA
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Call To Action (CTA)
So, make sure you add a (Click to Donate) button on company social websites, text ads, and anything else you can think of. Put the Do back in DONATE!

Track Influencer Marketing

Plus, watch audience reactions and influencer post interactions. They can help in creating future content. Use social listening tools too. Interact by building meaningful relationships and engaging  one-on-one, online, and publicly because it supports easily shared content.

Analytics tools such as (Google Analytics, Quantcast Measure, and Bitly) with built-in Twitter and Facebook analytics, will help in identifying network influencers. Make sure you schedule social media posts through a social media management tool like Hootsuite. Tools show you exactly what’s going on.

Watch Neil Patel’s video on Influencer Marketing

What Nonprofits Can Do

Thus, you MUST know your target audience if you want to reach them. Don’t be afraid to reach out and form partnerships either. So, find out your community’s wants and needs through information sharing. There could be a lot of brand lovers who already support you in some way.
And, marketing for a good cause is a great way to get participation from influencers and volunteers. Since, they can quickly spread the word on Social Media, which is vital in today’s business world.

Your Move

Nonprofit makes a move with influencer marketing
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Influencer Marketing Stat
As a matter of fact, According to The Forbes Nonprofit Council and Statista, 39% of the market uses influencer marketing. Not bad huh.

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