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Influencer Marketing: What It Is and Why It Works

“Influencer” and “influencer marketing” are hot marketing terms today for many reasons.  But what’s the primary reason? Influencer marketing works!   “85% of marketers engaged in influencer marketing in 2017 and 92% said their campaigns were successful.”

Since influencer marketing has proven to be a successful strategy, understanding the concept is important.  At its core influencer marketing is about employing an Influencer to help promote your brand or product.

So, who exactly is an influencer? 

In the most basic definition, an Influencer is someone who can influence other people’s choices. On social media, Influencers are usually defined by three things:

  • large following
  • seen as experts in their industry of choice
  • more personal relationship with their followers.
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An Influencer’s audience trusts what they say because of the personal relationship they’ve established. And often their audience sees them as an authority or role model. According to this Medium article, “It is evident that Influencers have a certain amount of power within their fan communities. And it is this power that can be leveraged by brands to reach out to a massive audience.”

Celebrities and athletes are the original Influencers. But you don’t have to choose a Celebrity Influencer to lend credibility to your brand.  Influencers are also industry experts, bloggers, or content creators, among other things.

Just why is influencer marketing so powerful?

Consumers are often wary about the credibility of brand communication. And they’re turned off by promotional posts and advertisements. 

Choose an influencer marketing strategy to lend authenticity to your brand and products. And use Influencers to create and share content on behalf of your brand. Content shared by an already-trusted Influencer is seen as more authentic and credible to your audience. 

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Positive reviews of your brand by an Influencer can mean new leads and increased sales. And if followers like the content they will often share it with their own social network. Thus creating a larger audience for your brand.

Influencer marketing can have a highly positive marketing impact. But there are a few key things to keep in mind as you plan your strategy. 

But, how do you choose the right influencer partner? 

It’s important to find an Influencer whose audience matches your brand. And for their followers to be interested in your products. 

Don’t choose an Influencer based solely on their reach. But also consider engagement, experience, and relevance. And remember the more popular the influencer, typically the more they’ll charge to promote your brand.

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Micro-influencers don’t boast the follower count of someone more popular. But two benefits make micro-influencers a great choice for small companies building their brands: loyal followers and lower cost.

“Despite having a relatively small fan base, micro-influencers often have a highly-engaged audience. This is especially useful for small businesses that are looking to find traction in a specific location.”

Barker (2019)

Today influencer marketing is one of the best ways to increase consumer reach and trust. 

Big broadcast television advertisements and pop-up ads are commonly ignored and mistrusted in today’s socially-connected world. But influencer marketing allows you to reach your audience and gain consumer credibility.

It may seem confusing at first, but finding the right influencer partner just takes a little research. And great relationships lead to success.

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By: Krystel Cummings

Category: Blogging, Social Media Marketing 101