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Influential Tips When Using TikTok for Small Businesses

At the start of the global pandemic a lot of people found their way onto the video app, TikTok. Although it was already on the rise, it really didn’t become one of the top apps until 2020. For some small businesses, the TikTok allowed them to keep their business running. TikTok does have resources for businesses of all sizes, but here’s a quick rundown of Influential tips when using TikTok for small businesses. 


The algorithm is one of the most important aspects of getting your small businesses content noticed. TikTok has stated that the For You Page (FYP) is curated to the users interests making it easier for them to find content and creators. Also, each FYP page is different, not a single one is alike.

The main factors for FYP recommendation are:

  • User interaction – Likes, shares, comments, and followers
  • Video information – Hashtags, captions, and sounds
  • Device Settings – Language preference, country setting, and device type.

It might take some time to break onto the FYP but keep hacking at the algorithm till you get there. 

Your TikTok Audience

Just like any other social media strategy, before you can create content you know who your target audience is on TikTok. If your small business is targeted toward Gen Z and Millennials, this is the perfect app for you. As of March 2021, 47% of users are between ages 10-29. Knowing your target audience on TikTok will help you grow your brand. Additionally, it will increase its following through likable and shareable content. 

via Statista

Influential Content

Now that we’re on the topic of content, get in touch with your fun and goofy side because that’s what most people turn to TikTok for, pure entertainment. Your audience will love to see your business doing the trending videos, stitches and duets with others along with original content. Trends on TikTok come and go quickly so it’s best to jump on them immediately. 

Editing the videos is the fun part. There’s so many different things you can apply to your videos from voice effects and sound, green screen effects and filters, and transitions to the video to make them more entertaining and creative. 

In the description of the videos you’re only allowed so many characters, so be sure to fill it up with all the right hashtags so that your audience will see your videos on the FYP if they’re not already following you.

Now that you’ve read these Influential tips when using TikTok for small businesses, go make some content. Remember, be creative and HAVE FUN!

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