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Innovative Social Media Marketing Practices

Why use Social Media for business?

Small businesses are in need for new and innovative Social Media Marketing practices.  Listen, we are all grateful for government created programs that kept small businesses afloat during the pandemic.  However, ITS OVER! As a result, it’s imperative to make up for lost time and revenue. Therefore, businesses should comprehend the importance of social media marketing.

Innovative Social Media Marketing is an effective and efficient way to reach a customer base. How do we do this? Think about how people interacted with one another during the shut down. Are you thinking by phone only? Did you print out directions to the next “Don’t Become Your Parents” seminar sponsored by Progressive too?  Per Alexander Samet on, people spent more time scrolling social media to connect with family, friends, source news, and shop.

Growth in Social Media Usage

With most businesses closed to the public, social media saw massive growth in usage.  According to The Harris Poll, research conducted between late March and early May 2020 found that between 46% and 51% of US adults were using social media more since the outbreak began. I mean, we can only watch so much Tiger King, right?

Social Media Marketing- The Opportunity Online

Knowing this, the important question is….if your small business is on social media, do you see the opportunity?  The days of print advertisements are over.  You’re probably on a tight budget anyway. If you want to re- engage with your consumers again, your business’ digital store front must be attractive. Pew Research notes that 70% of the population on at least one social media platform. This means it’s not enough to create a business profile on any social media outlet.  It’s crucial that when developing your brand on social media is knowing the right platform to use.  Narrowing down your choice of which platform(s) to use will allow you to focus your efforts on finding your targeted audience and get the best return on your time investment.  

What Social Media your Target Audience Uses

Lets revisit your businesses consumer base before the shutdown happened in 2020.  This is your target audience.  Let’s say you run a sporting goods store. The majority of your business comes from adults, with money, with kids participating in sports. This is your target audience online. Thus, the broad share of your audience will be adults between the ages of 25-50.  From here, identify the statistical data of which social media outlet is used most by this demographic.

The Right Social Media Platform

Once you get through the popsicle headache, this data should help you determine the best social media platform to reach to your audience.  Using the age demo data above, it could be argued that Facebook is the most popular site among this customer base  Therefore, said sporting goods store should create a business profile on Facebook. From here, they can begin to schedule new marketing promotions and offerings.  

Finding Your Digital Audience on Social Media

Identifying your target audience was easy because you already knew your consumer. From there, finding them online was the next challenge? Determining what social media your businesses demo uses now brings you to the hardest part, which is attracting your audience on said channel(s).  How do you do this? The answer is Content!  To clarify, content means your business gets to tell its story. As a result, content allows you to stay top of mind with relevant information targeting those who matter most to your business. As a result, consistent connection with your audience on the utilized social media forums creates lasting impressions of your business.

Best Practices- Content Creates Connection

To sum up, interactive content gets your audience to think of your brand more when searching for similar brands.  As a result, this builds strong connection with your target consumer. Similarly, this helps in learning what content you consumers engaging with the most. Ultimately, this will help you create a consistent pattern of content that they want and expect to see. Thus, producing innovative social media marketing.

Use Not One, but Multiple Social Media Sites

There may be multiple social media sites that have a high usage among your business’ demographic. That’s even better as it simply means a larger reach opportunity.  However, without proper goals set, your business’s social media will blend in with the rest.  For instance, is the objective to enhance the brand and create new excitement around the survival of your business?  If so, a SMART goal would be to achieve 200 shares on Facebook posts and 100 likes on the same post via Instagram?  As we can see, this goal is set to drive recognition to the business because both platforms used tend to have a lot of crossover. In conclusion, multiple platforms allow more people to engage through more than one platform.

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