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Is Your Business Social?

Is your small business well represented on social media? If not, it definitely should be, no matter what goods and services your small business provides. The days of searching for goods and services through the phone book is a thing of the past. Word of mouth is great, but you have little control over that. What you do have control of however, is the presence that your brand has digitally. When looking for goods and services the first place a lot of consumers go is the internet.


Social Media Sites


Building Your SEO

Boost brand visibility with your digital media. Search engines like Google consider your social media into your overall SEO grade. The higher digital presence that your business has the higher you will appear on search engines for consumers shopping for products that you offer. If your digital presence grows and your following continues to share the content you post, you will benefit from an SEO stand point. From a visibility stand point, you will benefit as well with more shares of content that you post and a higher following as well. A consumer can not buy from a brand they have never heard about, so be everywhere your consumers are.


Cut Your Cost

Marketing costs with social media versus traditional types of marketing is another reason that your business should go social. Posting on social media is free, and so is going viral. To get the same exposure going viral gets you, a brand would have to pay a pretty penny. Knowing your target audience, and what they need helps you to post relevant content that will be shared to the masses. There are also ways to boost posts through social media that are paid campaigns. These costs are less expensive than the alternatives and may boast higher results as well. According to a 2016 survey conducted by Small Business Technology Impact Group, 30% of consumers will not buy from a brand that does not have a digital presence and 50% of consumers prefer to shop digitally.


Building Trust

Build trust with the consumer when they contact you via social media and and you provide a response. Customer service is part of the game when owning a business, but social media can help. What if a consumer has a quick question and tweets you for an answer? if you respond to that tweet and solve the issue not only have you saved yourself and that consumer a lot of time, you have also gained credibility with that consumer. Not to mention all other potential consumers that watched this play out. People buy from businesses that are credible and businesses that they trust.

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