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It’s More Than a Post: Content Marketing the Right Way

Today, many consumers discover small business brands through social media. The type of content you create for your networks must entice your audience. Anyone can send a tweet or post on social media but not many can drive users to like, repost, share, or click a link.

Before the creation of social media content, there are a few steps one must consider:

1)     Setting business goals that align with social media

2)     Establishing your target market

3)     Determining the value, you bring to your audience

4)     Researching which platforms your target uses

Once these steps are completed, you will need to decide on which content you’ll use to attract your audience. If you’re using social media, what type of material will you develop?

The Value in Appealing Content

Some businesses tend to just post content for the sake of posting. Leading them to believe they have completed proper social media marketing. However, your target audience must enjoy the content to trigger engagement. If the content does not push the desired results, then the type of content might be the culprit. One must understand the importance of creating appealing social media content.

Below is an Instagram post from a small business selling credit repair consultation. The post references a popular song Livin’ My Best Life by comedian Lil Duval, but it shows nothing relevant to the services offered.

Credit RepairSource

Sure, it’s a play on words (song lyrics) but is this enough to make you want to use their service? How does the content relate to credit repair?

By contrast, look at this post from another credit repair service on Instagram.


The post gives clear information on the services offered, uses an attractive format/font, and leaves no room for misinterpretation. Which business would you consider handling your credit?

On Twitter, the principles are the same. Your content should be clear and visually inviting. For example, a small cupcake business showcases their November deals including a photo of their product in the same tweet.

Cupcake Twitter

By comparison, here is another cupcake company’s post on Twitter. The post shows “custom cupcakes” but lists no other information. Even the cupcake photo looks less appealing than the one above which utilizes a filter, better lighting, and close-up of the product.

Looking at both posts, which company would you want to order cupcakes from?

It’s Not Difficult to Create

Photos are not the only way to market your business on social media. Check out this article describing Five Ways to Engage Readers on social media. There are also many tools available online to create images, infographics, stories, videos, and more.

Tools such as Canva or Adobe Spark can help you produce attractive content like a pro!

In conclusion, whichever social media network you choose to get your message across, make certain it connects with your consumers. Above all, the ad should invoke a feeling in the minds of your audience. If you can achieve that for your brand, then an uptick in leads/revenue is inevitable. Ensure the content is good enough for you to purchase a product or service from your company.

For more information on the importance of content, take a look at this article – Website: Being Content with your Content.

What kind of social media content appeals to you? What drives you to share, repost, or like a social media post?




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