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Learn How to Market With Me: Facebook Edition

You want to learn how to market yourself or your small business on Facebook? Optimize your Facebook posts, not just for grandma but for consumers? Come on this journey with me! I have never taken advantage of Facebook as a marketing tool, let’s learn the ins and outs of the platform together.

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Why Facebook?

This platform is a great way for a new or small business to introduce itself to the market. Facebook allows you to define your brand and build awareness. You are able to show off the personality and values behind your brand while also promoting your products and services. A consumer is more likely to shop from your brand if they feel a connection with you. There are 2.8 billion active Facebook users each month, making this platform one of the most popular social media apps. We need to take advantage of our opportunities!

Where Do I Start?

  1. Create a Business Page

As much as we all care deeply for our extended family members, it’s important to create a separate business page for your brand. It deserves its own place to shine with its own personality to display. A business page on Facebook allows the creator to add aspects such as the preferred audience, call to action buttons, page description, and media.

The description will be able to include all the basic information that everyone wants to know, such as location, hours, pricing, etc.

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2. Create Content

The main goal of Facebook is to increase brand awareness. You can not do that without posting content! It is important to use all different types of media such as photos, videos, memes, posts, and shares. Also, remember to have a personality in your style of posts– you do not want to sound robotic! Although, remember to sound consistent. It is important to maintain a unified voice across all social media channels.

Post regularly! It can be helpful to use tools such as Hootsuite, to schedule your posts in advance.

It is important to promote your product or service– but try not to make every post promotional! You do not want your page to feel forced, it can be helpful to include funny articles or posts that show your values. Show off your human side!

3. Focus on Engagement

You do not just want your brand to be known, you also want to gain loyal customers. People are more likely to shop from brands that show similarities to themselves or hold common values. Once you gain some of these customers, you want to keep them coming back. It is key to put effort into these relationships. Meaning, if a customer messages or comments on a post, it is key that there is a prompt response. Engagement can also be as simple as liking people’s comments or sharing posts that people write about your brand. Anything you can directly interact with the consumers, do it!

4. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you access to tools such as Ads Manager. This feature allows you to post ads on your Facebook page while also keeping track of any campaign that you run. There are also insights featured where you can better understand who your target audience is and what types of ads will be most applicable.

Different demographics will respond to different ads! These features allow you to tailor your ad to your target audience while also uncovering areas of improvement. These insights will save you time and money in your future campaigns.

Is it working?

Now that we have gone over all the basic tips to setting up and starting your business page, is it working? It can take a few months for brands to figure out if their marketing strategy is working for them. The goal we started with in this blog was to increase brand awareness.

Some common metrics or key performance indicators to measure brand awareness are media mentions, direct web traffic, and data searches. Looking at these data points can be helpful in determining whether or not you are on track for your goal.

If not, do not worry about it! It can take a while before you realize what works for your brand and your target audience. It is not going to be a perfect match instantly, you will find your groove! As mentioned above, there are analytics tools that allow you to uncover even more data about your page and its users. This tool will help aid in finding the areas that could use improvement.

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We will master the skill of Facebook marketing! As they say “Rome was not built in a day”, your future empire is coming. Marketing yourself is all about being organic and finding the inner voice of your brand. If people like you or can find you relatable– then they will shop from you. Just be consistent, take your time, and have fun with it!

Also, if grandma wants to see what your brand is posting– do not be afraid to share your business page on your personal page! It can be helpful to create a connection and relationship between the two pages.

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