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Making Dollars Make Sense

Balancing efficiency with staying creative can be quite the juggle.

You ever have a day where your brain is just in several different places at one time? It’s extremely hard to focus and you find yourself being pulled in many directions. That feeling is similar to what a nonprofit organization can experience when it loses focus on it’s mission and becomes too focused on making money.


Although nonprofits are known as not-for-profit organization it takes just as much revenue to run as a for profit company. With that being said, often times nonprofits steer away from their mission is search any kind of donor funds. Staying on task is important for any nonprofit. Balancing staying efficient with staying creative can be quite the juggle. Here are 3 suggestions that can help non-profits stay on task.

Remember What/Why the Organization Exists


Passion and motivation go hand in hand. When someone is passionate and excited about something they will almost always get it done faster and better than someone who just doesn’t care. If a nonprofit is losing its passion, they can try scheduling some events that will help rekindle that intensity. Volunteer at a place that is directly associated with what your organization does. For example, if your organization is responsible for raising awareness for domestic violence, go and volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter. Seeing the other side of the spectrum can help to put the passion back into employees.

Stick To The Plan 


Ever heard the phrase, “Grocery shopping when you’re hungry is dangerous”? This is because most people find that they not only get what they need, but also get several other things as well. It’s the same with your nonprofit! As the year goes by, you may find yourself planning things out on a whim, putting events on the calendar with no set plan. This kind of planning can put the focus on the events and programs themselves, instead of the reason behind them. To combat this, work out a bimonthly schedule with your board of directors and stick to it. Make sure to account for the types of events you’ll want to do and focus on what your nonprofit is trying to accomplish!

Run Your Events Well 


Nonprofit events are a great way to raise funds and awareness for important causes. But unless your event has a strong focus on what’s important, it’ll just be a distraction from the issue. When you plan an event, take great care to emphasize fundraising or to raise awareness of your cause, and make sure everyone involved goes home knowing what your nonprofit is there to do. It takes work to direct an event like this, but it goes a long way towards building your nonprofit’s focus.

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