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Millennials, Social Media and Fashion

“Millennial defines as a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.”


According to NetBase, social media has an influence most on the millennials. They are the generation that makes up the largest segment and the most future purchasing power in fashion industry. Because they were born in the digital age, they live in online community, extremely connected with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

The survey  showed that :

  • 28% of the millennial generation are “social shoppers” whose buying decision on brands and products is influenced by friends.
  • Millennial age group percentage of social shoppers is approximately double the percentage of female social media users in all ages, 15%.
  • Millennials are the greatest generational segment that mostly socialize in online community through social media platforms.
  •  89% of Millennials including both male and female use social networks, measured to 72% of all U.S. online adults.



In addition, the survey of social shopper behavior found that millennials consider one or more social networking sites before making a purchase as a minimum of one fashion category. Millennial generation want to be ” trendsetters” because they are willing to pay a higher price to be the first to have a new product. It means that millennial generation is significantly willing to spend more on shopping.


Fashion is everywhere. Before it focused on magazine and television but now it is mainly on the Internet. In the fashion industry, social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, are used as marketing tools for connecting customers with brands, increasing social engagement, and building a strong customer relationship.

Now, social media increases the interest in word of mouth both online and offline. Moreover, in the past two years, there is a growth in fashion apps for smartphone and tablet. These apps offer customers up to date, information on the latest fashion trends, the convenience of shopping directly from device, and ease of social sharing.For example, fashion app is full of blogger images and ideas. Users can score the latest looks from fashionistas and trendsetters as well as share favorite fashion style and outfits through Facebook and Twitter.

It is undeniable that social media matter a lot in the digital age where millenials highly connect and use more on social medial platforms than older generations. They are mainly in the online community sharing their common interests on things like fashion, trends, products, and brands, with friends before buying.

At this point, if the fashion business wants to profitably advertise to the largest generation segment for fashion industry, then the right way to engage with them is using social media as an intelligence-marketing tool.

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