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New Year, New Content: 5 Ideas to Stand Out in 2021

You know what they say. Content is King.

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, what catches your attention? Is it a photo album shared by your aunt? A Buzzfeed article? Maybe an advertisement from a brand you’re following? No matter what your eyes are drawn to, it’s the content that keeps you there. Brands use content marketing to share valuable, useful, and relevant content that helps to build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Social media is constantly changing. Which means, the content you share needs to timely and relevant, but content creation takes time, effort, creativity…and did I mention time? And once that content is shared on platforms, it’s a battle to fight through the crowd of other content shared from other brands and thought leaders.

This past year, the pandemic has radically changed consumer lifestyles. Small businesses were hit hard, and are continuously struggling. Social media can be a lifeline for small businesses to drive sales and build brand equity.

Here are 5 content ideas to stand out from the crowd and build engagement in 2021

  1. Product Shots
    Show us what you want us to purchase. Have fun and get creative. You don’t need a fancy camera or studio lighting (although it never hurts!). If you own a café, show us what’s on the menu. Coffee? soup? pastries? salad? Snap a picture and feed our senses through photos. Maybe you own your knitting shop and you make everything from mittens to hats to sweaters. Show those knitting skills off and give us a reason to want to buy that new hat.
  1. Behind the scenes
    Give your followers a look into what goes on behind the scenes. Social media is a great way to create personal relationships with your target audience. Sharing behind-the-scenes content gives your audience content that they wouldn’t normally see. Restaurant? Show us how you make your most popular dish; Etsy jewelry shop? Show us all that goes into making one piece of jewelry.
  1. Introduce us to the team
    Get personal and get real. Oftentimes people forget that there are real people behind the products we buy, the food we eat, and the services we use. Introduce us to the employees and let us get to know everyone, not just the products. Create a campaign that introduces your customers to your employees. By creating a daily, weekly, or monthly series like “Friday Fun Fact with…” or “Tuesday’s with the Team” you’ll have consistent, unique content, that enhances personal customer relationships.
  1. Giveaways
    Increase followers and reach while rewarding your followers by offering giveaways. Whether it’s a product bundle or a gift card, giveaways are a fun way to introduce your business to a larger social audience and can help foot traffic. 
  1. Start a Podcast
    An audio escape from our screens. Over the last several years, podcasts have boomed. According to Statista, by 2023 the number of monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. will be over 160 million. Your podcast could be specific to your company or more industry focused. A podcast is a great way to creatively reach a wide audience in an intimate way.

No matter your industry, content is key for building personal, engaging relationships. Getting creative with your content can open new, fun ways to interact with your followers.

Looking for other resources to get started? Here are few great blogs to check out:

Have other ideas? Lave a comment of what content you’re thinking of implementing into your strategy this year.

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