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Small Business: No Capital, No Problem

If only starting a business was as easy as the creative ideas that flow through the brain. For instance, you have to nail down ideas for a logo, branding, target audiences, business cards, advertising … this can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes the huge ideas don’t always match what we have in our pockets. To that, I simply say that its all about how you utilize your resources.

Are you that small business that has loads of ideas but no funds? This blog is about utilizing the sources from social media to gain profit. Did you know that by using your personal social media platform you can promote your business without paying for a single advertisement? Yes not one single buck!

Take a quick do’s and don’t journey with me today in explaining how we can amp your business.

Create Traffic To Your Business Page

So you have your business page on social media posted. You may be feeling accomplished, however your following is poor, the traffic to your website is low and you have no sense of guidance on where to go from here. Its time to get organized. Above all, the goal is to drive online traffic to your business page and website that will create dollars in your pocket.

Firstly, you have to attract your audience by using the free sources provided like page blogs on community topics. Facebook live videos that gives your audience business insight. Above all, the ultimate goal is to look like to the viewer that you are the expert in your business. People want to get behind the scenes of businesses. In other words, this action gives your audience a emotional attachment to your business.

Secondly, you want to nurture your leads. Nurturing the lead can done by sending emails, weekly e-newsletters, and creating additional Facebook groups on the subject matter. Therefore this gives you direct access to the lead’s contact information. Remember in the social media world Its all about thinking smarter and not harder

Also here is a link for those of you who are like “What the heck is a Business Facebook Page?” Its okay, we have all been there. Click on this link to get you jump started in the right direction:

Social Media Content Schedule

For a small business owner it can be a bit overwhelming therefore you need a social media content schedule. This weekly schedule helps organized what to post on which day to keep your audience engaged. For instance, every post does not need to be about you selling your service or business. You ever followed a new business on social media and all they post about is wanting your business or marketing their services? Yeah it’s just as annoying as someone knocking on your door trying to sell you Tupperware. Not cool. Therefore, Make sure your post are consistent but the material is different.

Secondly, you want to make sure you are giving your audience the illusion that you are the expert in all things real estate, food, lawn care or whatever your business may be. Unlike huge corporations who have a bunch of guidelines about prospecting customer, well you don’t as a small business. You can reach out directly to potential clients by setting reminders on your calendar for their birthday. You can simply just say “Happy Birthday from Jacob’s Lawn care Service.” Trust me, a little goes a long way… just be consistent. See my bullets below for a weekly schedule of what to post and when:

Monday Feature a fun, local hot spot in your town
Tuesday Post a helpful tip that relates to your business
Wednesday Post a little known fact about your hometown
Thursday Post something personal ( example: a picture of your dog or family)
Friday Post upcoming events in your city
Saturday Promote your business
Sunday Promote your business
Local Hot Spot

Facebook Live Event

YouTube Marketing

Want to increase your branding awareness? Grab that camera and start rolling. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Google owns YouTube, so your videos can end up in the google search results if you play your cards right. In addition, as keeping with the theme of this article … IT’S FREE!

Once you post a video, pertaining to your business, people can find it for years to come. The key to getting customers from your videos are to tease your leads in every video. (And no I don’t mean tickle them through the screen). A lead teaser can be a how-to guide, discount coupon to one of your services or if you’re a real estate agent a list of open houses available for the weekend viewings. You may tease your audience at the beginning of the video by saying ” Stay tune until of the end of this video for a 5% discount code on your next service with us.” This will keep your audience engage and wanting more.

Another important part while using social media platforms is hashtags and I mean catchy ones. When I started my real estate business, I want my target audience to be women. I knew by research that more women in American were buying more homes than ever. Who Run The World …Girls lol. I knew my brand had to be girly and represent power. My catchy hashtag was #ClosingDealsInHeels. I went as far as adding little emoji heels and houses on all of my posts. I want my audience to connect my brand with women empowerment.

In conclusion, it does not take a ton of money to gain leads from social media. You have the advantage as a small business to provide a personalized experience for your clients. You Got This!

Have some suggestions on ‘no capital’ in small business. Let us know in the comments.

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