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No Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media

In an era of “Shop Local”, more and more consumers are looking to support smaller businesses.  In return, small businesses must effectively market themselves and ensure marketing strategies do not get stale. Not sure where to start, then this No-Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media is for you!

5 Tips for Small Biz Social Media

Ideas for small biz social media marketing

1. Map it Out

This is not the kind of map you can find on Google; a Social Map  is a strategic outline for how a small business should approach their content marketing.  It is a written plan for social posts, goals, KPIs and is used to serve as a guide.  This map will be used in conjunction with a content calendar which organizes the content production schedule.

2. Recycle

The notion of “recycled or reimagined” content is to squeeze every drop from your research to use in a variety of ways. A rule for content  is to keep an open mind and develop all pieces to be part of a larger whole.  As you think of content, be prepared to share your work on all social pages (bigger span of the content web) as well as leverage parts of it for infographics, videos and even blurbs for our Facebook posts (Twitter is more difficult due to the character limits). This really is a way of “working smarter not harder” as there are more uses for each piece of content which to the outsider looks like new content.

3. Fresh vs. Stale

Just like food, Content on a brand’s social page should be fresh, and not become stale.  Content can have varied support of organizational initiatives to enhance the image of the brand. One way to do this is by pre-scheduling content to post on the social sites (via Hootsuite, etc). This makes it so that readers have fresh content to read and therefore, remain engaged with your content.

4. Listen to this…

Social media also allows an avenue for customer interaction, participation and feedback.   The notion of listening to customers is often thought of face-to-face though it is equally important to listen to the Groundswell. This can be achieved through polls, asking questions and it also requires reading all customer replies and posts about your business.  This marketing intel can assist in featuring new products and/or altering existing ones.

5. Go Outside the 4-walls

Social Media makes it easy for retailers to get out of their stores, and into homes with concepts such as Remarketing. Remarketing is a form of online advertising to re-target ads to users who have already visited a website (desktop or mobile). These ads will appear when consumers browse the web; watch YouTube videos and/or read news sites after they have interacted with the brand. The benefit of retargeting is to keep a brand top-of-mind, especially to those who already looked at your site (whether or not they made a purchase).

What other no-nonsense ideas do you use for small biz Social Media Marketing?

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