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Nonprofit doesn’t mean Boring

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When I say nonprofits the first things that probably come to minds are donations, volunteering, ways to pay less taxes, unpaid internship, Boring.

Let us track back to that unpaid internship.

Unless you’re one to be truly passionate about causes such world hunger and everything that’s politically correct, if you’re a student I doubt you would take more than seconds if given to the choice to decide between doing your internship at a company like MGM resort, Microsoft or event Walmart and a nonprofit organization. In fact the majority of nonprofit volunteer are retired seniors citizens. And they are participating as volunteers for nonprofit organizations in record numbers.

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Participants include Senior Corps to seniors who serve in large numbers of nonprofits throughout the country, to senior church members, grandparents, and others who pursue local volunteer opportunities in human services, recreation, cultural arts, and social services. In other words, nonprofits have become such a “have to do” in the minds of people to the point where the majority of millennials you will see volunteering for a nonprofit even if they end up liking it in the end are doing it because they have to not because they want to.

So how to make people excited about your nonprofits from the beginning?

Engage people on other things than your everyday causes

Whether it is on social media or with events, constantly engaging your communities and beyond is the best way to get people excited about your nonprofit. Your nonprofit may be about a good cause that you feel the need to always promote, but sometimes promoting the donors instead of the cause goes a long way. The advantage of nonprofit is that it’s more like a family business where everyone knows everyone and get along, and just like in any family work isn’t always the best subject to put on the table at dinner when trying to engage everyone. Do the same with your volunteers or donors. If present on social Medias, pick a few days out of the week where you can engage your followers on a very different topic than what they expect.

Put your donors, volunteers, and members on the spot

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With limited budgets and small teams, nonprofit organizations already fight an uphill battle to raise awareness, engage with their supporters and generate donations. And when you consider the changing algorithms and oversaturation of social platforms, those goals can seem even further out of reach. Which explain why organizing an event for fun may seem hard to do but is not. At least not when the event is so good that people eagerly pay to be part of. Not saying that as nonprofits you should forget your cause but if you were to do it once every 3 months that could attract more people. The same for events, instead of always organizing charity events, create a fun event where attendees (including people not into nonprofits) will be happy to pay to attend and to spice things up, enter all your event attendees into a drawing for a special gift at the event.

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There are many ways to make your nonprofit stand out as exciting. Supporting a serious cause does not mean you need to be serious about everything. There are fun ways to you could go about in promoting your cause, raising money and attracting more volunteers. Whatever you do always remember that giving to charity makes us happier; especially when we freely choose to give.

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