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Nonprofit Goal Setting and Measurement for Social Media Explained

Do you know what the goals are for your nonprofit organization social media campaign? Can you measure the results?  It is critical for all non-profit organizations no matter how large or small to establish strategic goals to reach their mission and milestones of their social media campaigns. According to an article by Mary Morrissey, organizations and individuals who clearly define and document their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them.

Set Goals

Goal setting for social media campaigns can hold you accountable for reporting results and ROI; guide budget making decisions; and encourage extra attention to available data. For both profit and nonprofit organizations, it is important for social media campaigns to align directly with their goals.

NPO’s need to be hyper sensitive on every dollar they invest in a marketing campaign.  Goal setting can help justify spend in social media. By aligning objectives with ROI will help in securing an appropriate budget for social campaigns.

Measure Success

A key benefit of social media marketing is the large amount of user data that can be reviewed to analyze campaign results. Multiple channels, types of engagement and audiences make it challenging for NPO’s to focus in on which metrics and KPI’s are critical elements. A blog on the Nonprofit Hub suggests that the primary metrics NPO’s should focus in priority order include:

1. Conversion assists
2. Traffic from social media
3. Engagement (mentions/shares/comments/likes)
4. Sentiment

Tracking conversions for NPOs can measure success with driving donations, cultivating volunteers and soliciting new advocates for a cause. Measuring traffic numbers and engagement metrics can be easy to track and report. It is critical to ensure they align and are contributing to conversions or they are just data points. The same can be said for followers counts.  It is great to show growth in a social media community. It is more important to show how followers are growing conversions.

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Tracking sentiment through a strong social listening regiment provides a sense of your organizations perception. It is important to know who’s talking about your NPO and what they are saying. This metrics does not always need to tie directly to conversions. However, it should provide a review of your overall online brand reputation.

Setting goals and measuring critical metrics will allow your non-profit to establish a defined blueprint for achieving a successful social media marketing program. #npsocialmedia, #socialmediaresults

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