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Not Your Grandparent’s Nonprofit!

Why-Nonprofits-Need-a-Social-Media-Strategy-[INFOGRAPHIC]Even though your grandparents or parents for that matter might have favorite nonprofit organizations that they have donated or were involved with before the rise of social media, the social media landscape has changed. The way, in which nonprofits reach their intended audience, many options exist.

Facebook, Twitter, Smartphone Apps. These tools can be very powerful and get instant attention for nonprofit organizations. These avenues can be very informative as a marketing tool. In an online article called  “Everything You Need to Know about Test Marketing and Social Media Optimization” states, “Taking the use of a social community to get immediate feedback, tips, and more links is one of the ways to make your product more acceptable to the public.” Immediate feedback could help to make a faster and more concise decision in our test marketing phase of trying to gain more of a target audience for the nonprofit cause.


One thing that leads to a successful nonprofit initiative is its connections to its audience or the world for that matter. How the organization’s message gets out can be a huge failure or success. In an article about “How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Engage with Communities“, it goes on to explain that social media is a huge platform for announcing information. “When asked how nonprofits engage their communities with social media, most (74%) use social networks as a megaphone, announcing events and activities and sharing organization-centric info”.

Engaging your nonprofit audience is key. In conjunction with best practices for social media, you can create a winning campaign for your cause and build, enhance and intrigue people to get more interested in your purpose. Social media campaigns also aid in running a cheaper and faster campaign while still reaching a broad audience. This is a key point, especially when trying to raise money for your nonprofit organization.

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