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Not-So-Social Industries Need Social Media

Not So Social IndustriesNot-So-Social” Industries can benefit from social media strategies!  While the title of this article should be taken with a grain of salt, there’s a lot of you reading this who are trying to navigate your way (or your company’s way) through social media. For whatever reason, you are having a hard time applying the tweets, pokes, likes, and posts to your world. It’s not enough to just build a presence on social media, you need to have something worthwhile to say. But, not to worry, there are several uses for social media in the not-so-social markets like healthcare, industrial markets/manufacturing, government agencies, etc. So keep calm, and read on…

Not-So-Social Industries Need Social Media!

Houston, We Have a Problem…

It’s not just because I live in Houston that I love this phrase! It’s a famous quote that we can now apply to social media. One of the best ways to utilize social media is for crisis communications. Don’t have a crisis, you say? Well, it’s time to PLAN for one. Today’s technologically-driven market means that minutes after something newsworthy happens, it is tweeted, re-tweeted, and probably already analyzed by hundreds (maybe thousands) of people. Does your company know how it will respond if you are faced with a crisis incident? If not, a couple suggestions may help:

1 – Have a team that can be reached at almost any time of the day or night that has access to the internet to respond.

2 – Ensure that the content of your response – no matter how generic – is quickly posted on any tool applicable, and that it aligns with your corporate mission and goals.

3 – Stay on top of it! Have a designated team that will continue to monitor the situation on social media and continue to update and respond to issues being raised.


Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Human resources is another avenue that can have a significant part in your social media strategy in a not-so-social environment. For example, frequently linking to job postings on your website and discussing the benefits of working at XYZ Company. Posting about company events or charities that your team supports is another way to attract certain talent that want a company that gives-back to its community. Another trick to recruiting via social media is re-tweeting topics of interest. What key positions do you have open, and where are those targeted future employees “hanging out”? Understanding the type of individual you are seeking to hire will help narrow your focus; then, participating in those “circles” will help get your name noticed by the right people.

So even if you are not selling the hottest new boots or a high-tech new phone, social media has its place in your world. It also often helps to think of past challenges your company has had, and see if there’s a solution now in the social media world. Good luck!

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