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Old School In A Social Media World. 4 Steps to take to boost your business using social media.

When social media first started in 2004, it was pretty simple. A click here, a click there, and you were where you needed to be. These days, for those more old fashioned or prefer the simple way of life it’s not so simple. My children still have to show me a thing or two, so trust me I get it. Even so, we have to acknowledge that if a business wants to get ahead these days social media is a must. The days of newspaper ads and flyers in the mail just aren’t enough. So I’m going to show you some simple ways to use social media to boost your business as a whole.

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Set Goals

One of the first things that you want to do is determine what you want to accomplish using social media to boost you business.

  1. Create a social media presence
  2. Increase Business Sales
  3. Better consumer engagement
  4. Insight on existing and potential customers

Whatever you decide your goals are, you must remember to make them goals that  are easy to be measured. These are called SMART goals. For instance, if you are looking to boost sales through social media, you goal would be something like this; By the end of the year, we plan to increase sales by 25% through our social media campaign. This creates a goal that can easily be tracked through social media. Almost all social media sites have built in analytics that can be used to see that amount of likes a post is getting, shares, comment, if the follower visited the company website, plus more. When you have those goals in mind, also think about your target audience. This is just as important when setting your goals. These are the people that are going to help you reach your goals.

Select A Platform

After figuring out your goals, determine which platform works best for you. There are plenty to choose from such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even Pinterest. Now I know the most logical sense would be to pick the most popular social media, but I wouldn’t. I know by now you’re thinking I’m crazy for saying I wouldn’t go with the most popular site, but hear me out. Honestly, just because a site is popular, does not mean that it will work for your business. Look at your goals and then research which social media platforms will best help you to reach those goals. There will be time later to expand to other sites, but you do not want to put a lot of effort into a site that is not going to work for your business. You want to establish a presence on a platform that will eventually speak for itself and have you known in a fast amount of time. Not all platforms are going to do that; especially if your target audience is not using that platform. Another option for you when it comes to the sites that will be less beneficial, create an account with a service like Hootsuite that gives the options to have planned post automatically posed for you.

Plan Your Content

Once your goals and platforms are selected, plan your content. This is especially beneficial for those like myself who do not like or want to spend a lot of time on social media. Planning your content in advanced gives you time to have everything together and ready to post with the click of a button.You want your content to catch the eye of your target audience. These are the people that are going to help reach your goals so you must cater to them in a sense while remaining true to your business. So preplanned post as mentioned earlier will also be beneficial for this. Also think about what else you can use to get the content in the eyes of potential customers. Hashtags can be your best friend. These hashtags are going to put your content in the best category to be seen by those looking for that specific thing. For instance, as an artist, hashtags are my number one thing to go to when I post a new design. I know that one Instagram if I use the hashtag #artoftheday I am guaranteed to get immediate likes and comments as opposed to just posting my design with no hashtags. 


So you’ve established your goals, picked your platform, and created your content; What’s next? Engagement! It’s time to connect with the followers. Customers love a company that actually talks back to them. It makes them feel included and like they matter. Its nothing more frustrating than commenting under a company’s post whether its a questions or simply a compliment and they say nothing in return. Also being engaged under posts improves customer service and many problems can be solved that way or through a direct message. Less engagement leaves room for bad reviews and complaints that may deter other customers. We definitely do not want that.

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Lets Get Started

Now that we have learned those four simple things. Its time to get to work. Now I know it may seem a little intimidating when you first get started, but trust me using social media will be extremely beneficial to your business. Also, never stop learning. Even after reading this, I encourage you to go do more research and learn all you can before moving forward with the steps I listed. For those who are reading this and have more information to add, please put them in the comment and lets all help each other build our businesses.

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