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Part 2: The Rise of Social Media Stories

It’s 2019, by now you have noticed the increased use of Social Media Stories online. But what does this mean for you? Explore the rise of social media stories from Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat. We will discuss what you need to know, how to leverage this creative shift in visual storytelling, and more.

The Rise of the Story 

Snapchat is the OG when it comes to stories and along the way, other platforms discovered this trend. In 2013, Snapchat introduced stories and since then it has been implemented across social media platforms. Instagram was another early adopter, they implemented stories their network in 2016. Finally, Facebook users are introduced to stories in March of 2017.

Storytelling is essential when it comes to good social media content. It enables us to connect on a deeper level with friends and customers. Stories provides users with the ability to tell their own stories daily. Social media always had this appeal or purpose of showing a snapshot of our lives which is what Stories highlight. 

Need to Know

• It’s shareable

• Easy to consume

• Content is front and center

Do Stories Really Work?

The short and sweet answer is, yes! Stories help users keep content together in one place on a platform. With Facebook and Instagram algorithms impacting views, Stories ensure followers will see because they grouped together per account separate from the general feed. In addition, while stories do have an expiration date – typically 24 hours. Instagram, for example, will allow you to archive your story to “Story Highlights”.

How to Leverage Stories

• Use stories to take people behind the scenes gives answers, or share memorable moments. Stories should evoke emotions and grab the attention of viewers.

• Have a call to action! Use the swipe up feature on Instagram Stories to link to your website or donation page.

• Utilize Story Highlights to categorize stories based on topics or discussions. If you are an animal rescue organization, you could create Story Highlights like Feral Tips, TNR, Fosters.

• Use tools available within the platform. In 2016, Instagram added boomerang, mention tags, and more to their stories. They continue to add features often, including, polls, questions, etc. Play around with the drawing tools, gifts, and stickers, too!

• Text-only Stories. Forget a picture of video – try text-only with hashtags to share a message with followers.

Stories are a new and exciting way to present content to followers in an interactive way. Storytelling is social media’s backbone which it why Stories have had such a strong success so far. With its rise in popularity, it is no surprise that stories is now the way to reach your followers or supporters in a quick and easy fashion.

Has your organization implemented Social Media Stories into your social media efforts? If so, share your experience in the comments below!

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