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Personal Branding Gone Wrong?

What is personal branding? It’s simply how you promote yourself. You are your own brand and having strong personal branding can help your social presence. It is a combination of your personality, expertise, and experience that represents your brand and so doing a good job promoting that to the world is very important. There are many common practices to help build a strong personal brand. However, if done wrong, those practices can lead to poor personal branding.

Where Can Personal Branding Go Wrong?

  1. Ignoring Other Influencers
  2. Ignoring Your Followers
  3. Creating Subpar Content
  4. Branding Yourself incorrectly
  5. Not Being Consistent

Ignoring Other Influencers

When it comes to creating a unique personal brand, everyone wants to stand out. But what good is it if you end up branding yourself like every other influencer out there? When it comes to creating your personal brand, it’s important to do research on other influencers in the field and get an understanding of their branding. They are in other words your competition. Learn from them, stay updated and intuned with their content. Take what you can from their ideas and turn it into your own. It’s also important to know that you can reach out to them, ask them questions, and network with them. FInd ways that you can build upon your brand through other influencers.

Ignoring Your Followers

This one seems straight forward enough but oftentimes people will ignore their followers. If you are selling or promoting a product or service and your followers hate it, would you keep promoting it? This same concept applies to larger brands. This is why brands are active on their social media accounts having transactional communication with their followers to make sure that issues are addressed and questions are answered. Oftentimes your followers can give you the best ideas and suggestions so it’s important to stay active and listen to your followers.

Creating Subpar Content

You always hear quality over quantity. That’s because 10 bad pictures doesn’t equal one good picture. Posting more content more frequently doesn’t mean that you’ll get more engagement or followers. Your content reveals your expertise, experience, and personality so be mindful on sharing subpar content because it may give off the wrong impression to your audience.

Branding Yourself Incorrectly

Branding yourself incorrectly can go in two different directions. The first being presenting a poor first impression to your audience. For example, if your first post or social appearance is something controversial, the audience will associate your personal brand with that controversial post. That’s why doing appropriate research and constantly evaluating is important in branding yourself correctly and accurately. The other way that you can brand incorrectly is being inauthentic. Oftentimes people create a different persona or market themselves in a different way to attract more attention. However, the best way to brand yourself is to be true to who you are because that is ultimately what will shine through.

Not Being Consistent

Lastly, being consistent. Being consistent is very important and adds a lot into self-branding. Your audience will only be able to familiarize themselves to your brand based on your presence. If your are super active one week and completely absent another week, it’ll be hard for your followers to connect themselves with your personal brand. This also goes with your content and structure as well. If your content type and style constantly change, it may be confusing for your audience. In addition, within that inconsistency, you may lose the true identity of your brand.

Influencers with Unique Personal Branding

Here are some influencers who have created a strong personal brand for themselves. Their content are unique, they are active, consistent, and authentic.

  1. Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA)
  2. Doug the Pug
  3. Kylie Jenner
  4. Michelle Phan

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