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Pivoting During COVID-19 Series 2

Pivoting during COVID-19

How time flies! that is such an old cliché, but it is true in all aspects of life and business.  The first series of Pivoting during COVID-19 is still available to read if you did not get to it. So what now? Well pull out your marketing plan and analyzing your plan of action, because “Time waits on no man.” 

As a small business owner where resources are limited it is crucial for your plan of action to be in tune with our long-term objective.  This possibly means writing down a list of your daily, monthly, and yearly tasks to do.  Let’s face it we all have a million and one things to do and times are different.  The noise frequency is louder, and it means we must be more attentive and focused.  What do I mean by the noise frequency? I am talking about distractions derived from social media which can be viewed as good and bad, so write the damn list of things to do. 

Social Media Tools for COVID-19

Aligning Objectives with Social Media
Write it down!

Your business plan is your blueprint but how do we accomplish those goals, first things first, there are so many apps to help you with accomplishing your short-term goals. It can be as simple as writing on the Notes App on your iPhone, using a Roller desk – yes, I said it and if you do not know what it is a shame, shame, shame on you (Did I just give out my age?).  For the tech-savvy, there is Asana or Trello but trust me there are loads of apps out there.  

The one thing that is important is that you use the app or equipment that will allow you to be consistent and helps you remain on target!  Secondly, create a google doc that has all your login and password information for easy access, stop having your password on the corners of a book or on your desk cause we all know what will happen to it.  Since we are embarking or changing things around let’s do it right!  You will be learning and infusing social media into our business; therefore organization, speed, and efficiency is crucial  

Social Media Template

We are almost there, now let’s also create a social media audit of our accounts.  Don’t worry I have included a template to help you audit your accounts please download and if you do not have those social media accounts please go back to the drawing board to see if this platform is applicable to your business and let us create the account and work on content to attract, and convert.


In series 1 I provided ideas that you can pivot your business to have you given it some thoughts 

  1. If you have a travel company, why not have a do a subscription box on travel 
  1. If you have a barbershop – Pivot to a subscription company selling barber essentials in a box and do monthly FB live on how to use the products 
  1. Are you a donut shop – then now is the time to advertise on social media and possibly Segway into 8” donut or 10” (special order).   Partner up with a coffee beans roaster and feature the coffee with a donut or two (who’s counting)! Now that sounds delicious! 
  1. Or Are you into retail, partner up with a travel company because consumers shop heavily when traveling.  Offer suggestions on how to travel on a budget or not!  Offer your line of clothing and show your consumers how to still look chic at home during COVID. 

So, you can pivot! And now is the best time to start the process.  If you are still stuck, then please let us know how we can assist you.  Share, like, and comment so we will know where you are in the pivoting stages of your business. 

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