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Pivoting During COVID-19 Series 1

COVID-19 has forced many companies to pivot their business module to remain afloat, so can I dare to ask the question “have you adapted to the changes?” Slowly we are seeing that those pivoting tactics due to COVID-19 are having a positive impact on the new business module. I agree change is always difficult but surely it is possible. During COVID-19 many small and large business was forced to make changes into their daily business operation, it was not easy but it is achievable. Everything falls back on your business or marketing plan. But before we get to the marketing plan lets think back on how we got to where we are.

Pivoting during Covid-19 with social media and digital marketing
Pivoting with Digital Marketing and Social Media

New Beginnings

Getting your business off the ground was no easy task, but after months possibly years of putting the plan together the doors are OPEN. That dream of helping clients and owning your business came true!  It’s ok to Shout because it is the greatest accomplishment to see everything you have worked hard come together. YES, you did it! but this is just the beginning of a new life, new challenges, and even greater satisfaction!    

The Change Due to COVID-19

Then 2020 comes around and you are still plugging in, working even harder to acquire new clients. You have even designed a program to retain existing clients, you are on a roll. But then it HITS – COVID-19 knocks on your door and everything changes.  After years of doing business one way, you are forced to change operating standards. Unfortunately, this is the reality of this pandemic, if you don’t change you will lose everything you have worked so hard for.  

The severity of the economy and business was questioned and had to change swiftly due to COVID-19– The Dark Ages. So how do you start the process? It is best to revisit your business plan, make adjustments, and implement those adjusted plans. If you did not and still do not know how and where to start then this blog will help you.  COVID-19 caught may have caught your off guard once, but it does not mean you have to give up! Pivoting your business will allow you to acquire new clients, and keep your old and generate cash flow.

Action drives results

Well, it makes no sense going crazy but instead as entrepreneurs, we know Actions will get us to that next level.  You worked hard to get your business to this level and there is no way you will NOT give it another 100%.  During COVID-19 the one thing obvious was that people had more time on their hands. Due to this, they gravitated towards social media. This finding strengthened the reasoning behind why small businesses should invest in social media.  But before investing in social media have you looked at your business plan? Please do not say “What business plan?”. Because if you said that then let’s dive done now to examine and lay down the foundation to Pivot your business plan.

Here are a few actionable steps you can move forward with

  • Write down your objectives
  • Go through your social media page and analyze its content in relation to your business and its niche
  • How can we reach our community (write down your thoughts)
  • What other services can you incorporate into your business which can be done online
  • Look into Subscription boxes and crate joy Please download the podcast Behind the box because it is a great article to listen to, this is applicable to any small business – Example for a travel agent how about a subscription box Travel in a box. This would feature items to persuade clients to their next destination. I would include a description of the location, three resort choices, a food item, a coupon code, etc.
  • The Social Observer also has some other interesting blogs to help you out with your next plan in redefining your business with social media

Business Plan

Picture of small business owner going over marketing plan

Please download the business plan to help map out your business and take it to the next level.  If you already have a business plan – that is perfect so let’s go over it and update because our objective possibly has changed.  We need to infuse social media into the business and ensure that it is aligned with the business objective.  SO, come on we have work to do, the second phase of COVID is almost here and we have to be ready!.  

Next Series

Look out for the second series of How to Pivot our business where we will align our social media efforts with our business objective, and ensure we are on the right path for growth.

Please like, give feedback and please let us know your challenges in your business. We will surely provide suggestions to help you as you transition in these difficult times.

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