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11 Ways for Brand Reputation to Make a Big Difference for Your Small Business



1. Why Your Small Business Needs to Care About Brand Reputation

Small businesses such as startups, can benefit immensely from a strong social media presence. A key benefit to consider is having positive sentiment about your business in the press while promoting a positive reputation within the media.

Your small business will need to be careful to not have poor maintenance of relationships with media (i.e., reporters, journalists). Your small business will want to always keep their audience and stakeholders in mind when posting public content.


2. Getting to the Basics on How to Promote Your Small Business

Getting your brand to stand out online among thousands of websites and competitors may seem like a daunting task. Having the know-how to implement and obtain positive brand reputation for your small business is really quite simple when done right.

You may be wondering well where should I start when it comes to getting my small business recognized on the web? Two words… Brand Equity!  Brand equity is how one analyzes your brand and how the brand is received and recognized. So what does this mean?

You cannot expect your brand to be found and recognition without people knowing you exist. Customers have to be able to identify with your brand in order to know how you compare to your competitors. This is a sure fire way to build positive brand recognition.


Remember it is not the customers job to figure out what your brand stands for, as vagueness is forgettable. Having an easily identifiable brand is key. Especially in the world of social media. So many brands are competing to be seen and remembered, so how will you come out on top?

3. Key Reminders When Curating Content

Each creative hashtag, like, and share all becomes a part of your brand identity. It is important your audience not only understands what your brand is about, but that they want to be promoters of it too!

  1. Have trust in your audience
  2. know the wants and needs of your customer
  3. Provide great customer service
  4. Always be transparent with your content
  5. Provide ways for your audience to engage

4. ROI of Having a Positive Social Presence

When you feel passionate enough about a brand, you are either a promoter or demoter for the brand. This is all based off experience and your emotional connection to the brand. The social image of your company says a lot of what people think and feel about you.

So what can you do as a small business to gain the likes of social media savvy users?

Most importantly understand their wants and needs to deliver on content that will resonate with them. The ultimate goal is to get them to take action and either share, like or comment on your content. This leads to an ROI for your company because it allows the opportunity for brand recognition to happen organically.

Having the right strategy makes all the difference when posting content on your social media pages. Want more tips check out these helpful social media tips from Social Sprout.

5. Making Your Brand Go Viral is Not Just for Big Names

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve heard of the phrase, going viral. What is going viral you may ask? Well according to, Kristen Baker of Hubspot, Viral Marketing is described as:

“Viral marketing is when someone creates video or visual content that resonates with their target audience. That content is shared to the point that it spreads like wildfire, or goes viral. When a marketing campaign goes viral, a company’s sales, engagement, and brand awareness can increase dramatically”


Lets take it a step back. Of course going viral would be great for your small businesses exposure. However, keep in mind this needs to be positive exposure!

A positive reputation for the company is crucial, and having a compliance violation, could potentially tarnish the company’s reputation with its customers, employees, and stakeholders. It is important to see that anyone who has affiliations with the company abides and understands the same code of ethics to support the company’s mission and to avoid being seen by the public as deceitful or not trustworthy

6. Your Brand Needs to Have Relatability

Often times people will share content due to it personally resonating with their own personal preferences or past experiences. Nostalgia has such a strong presence in social media. Do not shy away adding your own personal beliefs in your content, it is what will help the message come across as authentic.

People are willing to share something they may closely relate to, or that others in a similar demographic may relate to. Relatability is important. Your audience should be able to sympathize with the message being portrayed.

This is why memes are so wildly popular, they offer a sense of relatability that people want to talk about and have others feel like they are in on something bigger. Have fun with your content.

Remember people are going to your page because of a specific interest that brought them there. So go ahead and make the content fun while tying it back to what your audience can relate to.


8. Do Not Shy Away From Humor

Let’s face it who does not love a daily dose of humor. It’s hard to not want to share something almost instantaneously that has made us smile or maybe really even made us laugh out loud.

The internet may be accessible at every point of the globe. Remember to consider language barriers. Yes, even your small business will want to think globally when marketing. Using humor, even just with graphics can really grab attention.


Younger generations are open and responsive to humor, especially when it comes to social media. Incorporating humor into your strategy can help your brand seem more humanized, which is always refreshing to customers. Humor can really benefit your brand as it helps you build a connection with your online community.

9. Above All Else Be Sure to Add Relevant Content

Having a grasp on what is trending in the world, can help with being sure your content is going to resonate with a larger audience.

Generating relevant content is a great way to ensure your audience will not only return, but will also share it with their friends, thus, increasing the chances of going viral. With so much content to digest online, it can be hard to judge what will land with your audience and what may not.

There really is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to curating the perfect content. However, being strategic and knowing your audience, will likely increase your odds of going viral. The more human your brand can be, the more positively it will be received.

10. Keep Content Unique

So why does unique content intrigue us so much? Perhaps it has something to do with taking a break from the ordinary and seeing something we have never seen before. Unique content can help add value to a social media page or blog.

This is also a sure fire way to generate organic traffic, as unique content willingly draws people in to feed their curiosity.

Perhaps above all else, unique content increases the chances of your brand being found, since people will be searching for it to see for themselves. Unique content also plays an important part in positively increasing SEO, since your name or brand has a higher chance or being mentioned and or shared.

11. Brand Reputation is All About Authenticity

When people can relate to your content and feel what is being presented to them is real and factual, it can make them feel good about sharing the content as their own stamp of approval. By providing real value through authentic content marketing, you increase customer retention, and consumers actively look to engage with your brand.


Just because something is well-known and popular, it does not mean that it should be incorporated into your content. Confusing your audience is not going to help promote your content, but rather runs the chance of hurting your brands image.

When there is a correlation of authenticity tied to the brand, it helps get organically promoted. Go ahead and add your own personal voice to your content, it will help set your content apart from competitors.

Forced content tends to be seen as disingenuous. If your content is worth sharing it will be done so organically and naturally become viral. Combining a mix of relatability, humor, relevant content, unique content, and authenticity is a good recipe for your small business marketing initiative to be well received by your audience.

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