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Quality Over Quantity in Content Marketing

Quality matters. Social media marketing has turned the marketing world into a content heavy industry. With blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms, marketing is now focused on posting good content and getting viewers to share and like this content. But, what is more important quality or quantity when it comes to social media content?

According to Forbes, it is natural to think more is better. Although there are benefits to having a large amount of followers, what is more effective, having a large amount of one-time visitors, or having a slightly smaller amount of loyal visitors? Having loyal readers results from having quality content. Think of this in the terms of likes, yes it is great to have a lot of likes on your posts, but this adds nothing to revenue and sales. When people decide to follow you it is most likely because they saw a few posts of yours they liked and it drew them in. The goal is too keep their attention by continuing to post quality content and to create relationships with these loyal viewers, rather than just posting a lot of content to get a lot of one-time viewers.


Quality Blog Content

Many companies believe that posting every day is most effective, but posting sub par content is not going to benefit you in any way. This will just bore the readers. You should be spending more time on developing high quality content that may be short and to the point. There are some basic ways to know when you are posting good quality content. One huge measurement is if people are sharing and liking your posts. This creates engagement with your content and gives you a higher chance of having others engage with that content.


quality diverse-group-people-interacting-45539510Real Life Interactions

Once there is engagement on your posts, this will be where you will start to make those relationships with readers and develop loyal visitors. This being said, you should treat every interaction as if it is in real life. You are not going to be able to talk to thousands of people in one day, take time to be true and honest with your readers and create those loyal relationships with them.



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