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Recycle Content for Social Media Coverage

recycle content

Social Media is a powerful tool every business should have. If social media is not part of the plan, then it should be added as one of the main marketing plans. Like the name suggests, Social Media is a social platform; one to be social on and engage. In business building relationships is one of the most powerful tools a business owner should have. Relations with other businesses and relations with customers. The presence of social media makes a business or brand relevant and real to the consumer. It is a voice, a tangible measure of how real the business is. Social Media Marketing is imperative in today’s market and will be part of marketing plans in the future. Social media is here to stay, whether it be different platforms or different apps, social media, the “social” digital content is now and will be part of every marketing campaign.

Recycle Content To Increase Awareness

Recycled and re-imagined content is a good idea to not waste resources when building content. Heidi Cohen from her Actionable Marketing Guide suggests that reuse or repurpose content creation which provides new information with new imagery. Todd Wheatland, author of The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare, suggests using a 20 to 1 ratio, creating 20 different pieces from the same content. Each reused content should have their own image that looks different in some way than the original content post; essentially “chapterized” as Todd Wheatland states

“from a speech you’ve written and the slides you used during a keynote turning into a podcast; the podcast turning into a short video clip; turning that into an ebook; which evolves into a business book; which gets broken down and chapterized into blog posts; etc. The possibilities are endless.”  -Todd Wheatland

Each piece of content can be formed and reformed stating the same content in another way while revealing another point of view and more visuals to help the followers understand the idea better

Brand Following

In today’s market, consumers and customers want to follow a brand and represent the brand, therefore it is important to engage in social media posts and build a loyalty within the base. Engagement will also bring visibility to the brand or business. This engagement will increase website traffic; in turn will create more income and building on the ROI (Return on Investment). The various campaigns, promotions and contests created can be fun for the followers/customers of the brand and will increase the awareness through such conversations.


Not only is social media a platform for connecting to customers or businesses alike, social media is a place to boost distribution, sales, profits, ads, and followers. Social media is a visual platform with a lot of information and will be the perfect place for your marketing campaigns to begin and end. Social media is here to help everyone connect to everyone. It is the tool of the future and the present. Be social on social media.


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