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How SEO Enhances Social Media Marketing

SEO 101: How SEO Enhances Social Media Marketing

By John M. Baker (@knunoo76)


Everyone Cares About SEO

As you may know, search engine optimization is a huge buzz phrase these days. “I got to have SEO! I need more of it!” But what do we really need and want?  It is not that easy.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to build a comprehensive plan to support a marketing campaign or search page ranking improvement.  First and foremost, effective SEO requires good, clean content. With unique content comes readers and search engines love unique content.  Therefore, you MUST develop great content with keywords built incapable of promoting your brand.


Using Twitter and other social media to drive content takes effort.  You cannot tweet every ten days and expect to develop a viable plan.  The tweets must engage the user and drive or link the user to your content repository.  That may be in the form of a website or a Facebook page.  Spreading the word and gaining followers can assist in back-linking.  Back-linking can be achieved by people who blog on your content and link back to your pages.  This can help increase your web page ranking as Google and others determine your place in the food chain.

SEO social mediaSo I used to use Facebook to drive traffic to my content.  I did not necessary post new content all the time but advertised through Facebook to promote the back-links.  For example, you place an ad in the targeted age, demographics to a featured story on Facebook.  The link is actually to a blog post about your content.  The user then can then comment on the post and interact over Facebook.  All this assist with SEO and the creation or addition of more original content.  So advertising can assist with the development of a more ambitious SEO plan.


The use of SEO to enhance social media marketing is not rocket science.  It does however take research, determination, and time.  If you commit, have good content, use social media responsibly, your search engine ranking will rise.

How are you using SEO to enhance your social media presence?


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