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Selling Handmade Items Using Social Media

Sell your handmade items on social media

Using social media for selling handmade products…


    I’ve written before about why those who make craft handmade products should be promoting them on social media. Because I believe in it so much, I’m sure this won’t be the last time.  As a handmade seller myself, I know the importance of shameless self-promotion on social sites.  There are so many reasons that you should be promoting yourself and your handmade business

You’re already doing it.

      You likely already have Instagram and Facebook downloaded on your phone. You’re able to manage multiple Instagram accounts from the same app, without having to log in and out of multiple accounts constantly.  Switching between accounts is a breeze. Facebook also allows you to manage a business or a product page from the app as well, again super simple to navigate between your personal page, and your business page.

Don’t let that awesome product photography go to waste.

You’re already taking photos of your items, you might as well share them on Facebook and Instagram as well.  The more people see your product, the more it is going to come to mind when they need something similar.  Not only that but the first time I posted about my candles and a link to my Etsy shop on Facebook, my shop had over 100 views!  I haven’t had that many in a single day since.

Social media is free!

The only cost to you is the time and effort you dedicate to it.   In my experience you get out of social media what you put into it.  The more active you are, the more likely people are to interact with your product, whether it be likes on Facebook or Instagram, or the equivalent of  like on the platform where you sell, it just means people are starting to become interested.  When I post more on social media, more people are interacting with my brand, even if they don’t necessarily go all the way to my Etsy shop.

Social media gives you the space to really build your brand.

You also get to give it a more human side as well.  Utilizing social media allows you  give customers a little more insight into what goes on behind the scenes. You can take a great photo of your workspace, for Instagram, or a write a post dealing your process.  It gives them a reason to buy from you, rather than another seller who makes something similar.

 You’ll reach more people.

Even if it’s just building brand awareness, the better represented your brand is on social media, the more credible people are going to find it.

There are so many other compelling reasons to be on social media, but it’s important to remember that you have to want to do it, or it will feel like work.  Before signing up for every social media site there is, take some time to find similar brands or sellers.  See how those sellers make it work for their brand. Not every platform is going to be right for every seller. It’s more  is important to pick one or two that you will really dedicate time to succeed at, than trying to be everywhere all at once.  I have a Twitter account, but I almost never use it because I don’t love the platform, and I’m not great at it. I’m much more comfortable on Facebook and Instagram.  That’s why you will see more frequent and higher quality posts on these sites.  Do what works best for you and your brand.  Not what you think you have to do to succeed.


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