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Shop Small This Holiday Season

Shop Small This Holiday Season

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Why Shop Small?

The holidays are coming up quick and we all are rushing around trying to purchase presents for our loved ones and I am urging people to wait before they select the purchase button! A lot of times people fall behind and forget about shopping ahead of time, but I am here to say that supporting and shopping small for the holidays is a lot more meaningful to the owners of small businesses. Now whats one good reason why we should be supporting small? “When you buy local, your dollars stay in the community and help local development”(Shopify). This quote is very powerful because as they are saying, the dollar you spend is getting put back into the society and more opportunities will grow and prosper with the support of shopping small.

They Put Customer Experience First

When purchasing presents and items, a lot of times it just feel like there is really no experience and its not like you are dealing with people when you are purchasing off of Amazon lets say. When purchasing from a small business, you are getting the customer experience first. I know for me when any person purchases from my small business or uses my small business for a wedding or event flowers, I want to be able to give them the best experience possible. I want them to remember me and my small business for great customer service and a great experience to tell their friends and family about. Small businesses give a personalized experience to their consumers by creating that lasting impression with them. “Because these small businesses need the support of local consumers, you can expect to get friendly, personal customer service”(BusinessDegrees). Having good customer service is something that I would say all small businesses are striving towards.

Catering to Diverse and Niche Customers

Small businesses get to talk to and work with many diverse customers on a regular basis. For me and my small businesses, I often talk to so many different couples for weddings and events that it is so cool to see what consumers are looking for when it comes to purchasing from small businesses. Catering to such diverse and niche customer base gives the whole experience a heart warming touch for owners. I love being able to see peoples reaction when I provide excellent service or a product to them that they are happy with. “By supporting small businesses and shopping small, you’re supporting real, genuine people who have put their passion ahead of convenience and whole-heartedly believe in the business they are running”(Forbes).

Reminder for this Holiday Season

As we are coming to a busy holiday season ahead, I want to remind people when they are looking for presents for their loved ones to consider shopping with a small business. Small businesses are going to be extra busy trying to provide for as many customers as they can during this season and remembering that any support that you can give to a small business will mean so much to them! Supporting the neighborhood and putting the money back into the community is more beneficial to our local businesses.,the%20next%20generation%20of%20entrepreneurs.

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