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Short-form Video Content and Podcasts: A Necessary Addition

Be Ahead of The Curve, Start Making Short-form Videos of Your Podcast

Short-form videos are exploding in popularity. They’re becoming a tool that’s more and more necessary for creators of all types to utilize.

Podcast creators are not excluded from this phenomenon even if they have audio-only content. Before we get into that I want to briefly discuss the history of podcasts.

Short-form videos and podcasting
Short-form videos and Podcasting

Podcasting A Brief Introduction

Podcasting has become more and more of a standard content medium over the past few years. In 2006 only 20% of Americans were aware podcasts existed; now over 75% of Americans are aware of podcasts with over 120 million active listeners. The rise of podcasts brings with it many variations of how a podcast is consumed by the listener/viewer.

In terms of mediums for podcasts, you would typically see a podcast fall into one of these categories:

  • Audio only
  • Video only
  • Audio/Video
  • Live Audio
  • Live Video

As podcasting continues to grow, and social media alongside it, you have to be flexible with the way we get content out to our audience. Initially, an audio-only podcast format was the best option because it’s simple and easily digestible on Itunes and Spotify. However, this changes as video and short-form video become more and more popular on all social media sites.

The Future of Podcast Marketing: Short-form Videos

Generally, the typical social media user is now engaging more with video content. This means that the audio side of podcasting will see less of a majority stake in the podcast ecosystem but can still enjoy the benefits that video brings.

“#Podcast” has been used over 1 Billion times on Tiktok and 22 million times on Instagram

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook all have their own versions of video content that include long and short-form videos.

The #Podcast was used over 1 Billion times on Tiktok and 22 million posts on Instagram. Podcasts are becoming ever more prevalent on these videocentric sites but in a short form variation of say YouTube videos. This is because short-form videos are easy to digest and quick.

TikTok users alone will watch anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half watching videos. This equates to a minimum of 240 videos seen in a day. This is more time than any other short-form video app, making TikTok a prime choice for content. Also, I recommend you take a look at this post on creating influential TikToks before you make your first post!

In terms of marketing your podcast, short-form videos have the potential to reach a wider audience. More users watch videos than just listen to audio. By utilizing both audio and video you get to capture the attention of two different groups.

Popular Podcasts with short-form videos

Here is a post by H3 podcast featuring a snippet and captions

This post by the NoJumper podcast with over 1 million views


Drake’s lookalike is GOING ON TOUR?! He getting to the bag?? #nojumper #drake #adam22 @adam22

? original sound – No Jumper Podcast

What if my podcast is audio only, how do I make short-form videos for TikTok/Instagram/YouTube?

Even if you have an audio-only podcast you can still create video content.

Here are two simple options to turn audio content visual;

  • Use content with a visual references and subtitles of an engaging audio snippet
  • Use album covers with a waveform over them to make the content interactive while maintaining an audio focus.

Create, Create, Create

No matter what you do in terms of video creation, you need to keep creating! Podcasts that post multiple times a week will see more engagement than others. The “Golden Rule of Tiktok” notes that you should post a minimum of one time per day.

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