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Showing the Big Value of Your Small Business

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Small Businesses, Big Value

In a world full of pushes to make the most money with giving the least in return, small businesses stand as a beacon of light. Individuals with a passion and heart for their craft create amazing products with unparalleled customer service.

It seems like a return to a simpler time interacting with small business owners because they always desire to do what is right but oftentimes lack the additional skills needed to truly grow their brand into all it can be. There is a disconnect demonstrating the small businesses’ difference to the consumer and within niche markets. This gap can be filled in a few simple ways by increasing communication and showcasing what the small additional financial cost can give to the consumer in return.

Below are some ways of bridging the gap and displaying what makes your small business worth supporting.

Share Your Small Business Story

Storytelling is not just for the big companies but for little ones too. Consumers enjoy knowing the backstory of how the product they are holding in their hands came to be. They desire to know the hours of planning, constructing, and care that went into a simple item that they can now enjoy. It brings the customer in and allows them to share the story of the item with others, allowing for an organic conversation starter and poetical new business. As an added benefit it provides relationship, emotional appeal, and brings the customer on the brand journey.

Quality as a Top Priority

Many consumers today are seeking out local businesses to support because products are made within the United States by a person being paid a living wage under ethical circumstances. Small business owners do this while taking pride in selling the best. There are constant quality checks, where products with faults are discarded or sold at a steep discount. This creates a level of trust with consumers knowing they are getting what they are paying for. Bigger brands do not have the time or the care to have that level of attention to detail leading to a sub-par experience. Showcase quality as a major selling point of your small businesses showing all the little checks in the production process leading to a flawless result.

Focus on Customizations

With a quality over quantity mentality, small businesses have an opportunity to provide the ultimate choice to their customers. Since most items are made in small batches or one at a time there is the flexibility to provide additional customizations for an additional fee making such the customers gets just what they want and providing a small business a way to make more money. This is a marketable element since during times of celebration at important milestones in life people want to go above and beyond for their loved ones with an extra special gift. This special touch can help to bring back customers again and again and help to cultivate a level of trust with the brand.

Make Packaging and Extension of the Product

Simple touches from start to finish differentiate a run of the mill purchase from an overall experience. As a small business owner, you started a brand to fill a niche need with a specific set of products. That allows for the ability to highly tailor the presentation and external packaging that brings the brand to life in a way that makes every moment an encounter with unexpected care and quality. It is not perfect, as labels may not be fully straight, but it shows the care of the creator in the construction process to cultivate their vision in real life. Do not forget that this branding packaging begins with the quality and care demonstrated on social media and a small business’s website.

Show your Brand’s Unique Flare

As a small business, you answer to few people other than your consumer, meaning there is more freedom to be creative in the choices you make. This means that your company’s mission can include giving a specific amount of profits to a non-profit you are passionate about that aids in the betterment of the world. You can use a pun on words as your tagline that allows consumers to laugh every time they see your logo or your look at your business card in their wallet. Online you can create a unique hashtag that turns your brand into a community that customers want to post about. Whatever you choose, as a small business use the little things to make your company stand apart and create a space that consumers can help but come back to time and time again.

Add Something Extra

Customers love when they get something unexpected even if it is small such as a thank you note saying how much you as a small business owner appreciate your business. It creates a bit of human connection while also fostering an emotional connection with the brand. If you are feeling a bit extra, include a small gift such as a sticker, hair scrunchy, or pin to serve as a reminder of going the extra mile and associating fond memories with their purchase. It is a small action that can lead to significant results as the element of surprise can lead to repeat purchasing.

Share Your Customers Content

Social media is a core facet of any 21 st century small business and customers want to share their love for your products within the digital world. From unboxing, first try-on, honest reviews, daily essentials and top recommendations the possibilities of what to share are endless. This can be free content to post on social accounts or ways to authentically express gratitude and appreciation in a way that builds community. Anyway, it comes sharing, commenting, and cultivating relationship helps create a bond between creator and consumer that big brands do not have access to which is an asset of growth and differentiation.

Little things = Big Difference

Small businesses are the backbone of a creative and unique society and you are a piece of that for your community and your customer. Use little changes in the way your brand looks or acts to add that special touch of unique marketing that helps grow your vision into so much more. Allowing you to bridge that gap of possibilities on the horizon.

Questions for Reflection as a Small Business Owner

Knowing your small business and the value it provides to the customers it serves, what of the above mentioned strategies would be best implemented into your marketing plan? How can you showcase what you have that the larger companies lack? What special touches can you add to go above and beyond perceived expectations?

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